10 tips to Keep fit in the spring

Keeping Fit in the spring after a long winter where activity was reduced or absent, is not always easy. After winter, you may be tempted to go out and play sports when the weather improves, to accompany any plan to lose weight. You may be tempted to exercise the same level as during last season. But such enthusiasm for staying in shape in spring (or find) often leads to injury early in the season. If you changed a routine training over the winter, you need to find and keep fit without precipitation, making essentially the year. Read also: Sport in the spring: 8 tips for sports in the spring.

An elderly person is healthy and rarely remained physically inactive during his life to keep fit, not only in the spring. Exercise provides many benefits, increase your energy to reduce stress hormones through decreasing your risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, etc..

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Exercise helps keep the shape but also to burn the excess blood sugar, prevent it from being stored as fat in the body. Of moderate intensity physical exercise are essential for maintaining bone density and muscle strength, two important things especially when we get older.

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Cardiovascular exercise increase heart rate and stimulate the heart muscles, help maintain adequate toughness. No matter how you tame it, exercise helps you keep fit, makes you happier, more charming, more vivid. Read also: Exercise in the heat of spring or summer.

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Here are 10 tips to keep in shape in the spring

1) Exercise slow but steady pace to keep fit

Do not succumb to the syndrome of the Warrior Athlete of the weekend. Try to make your workouts 3 or 4 times a week alternating (1 or 2 days then 1 day without training). One of the best ways of being injured or having muscle pain, so one of the worst ways to keep fit (in spring or another season), is very hard to play sports this weekend and do nothing the rest of the week. Read also: Be careful (e) when you do physical exercise.

2) Monitor your level of effort to keep fit

Take a stress test by taking one or more following physical examinations:

ergometer (machine – treadmill and cycle ergometer or tilt – which allows a graduated effort that can quantify levels of power measured in watts)

  • ultrasound effort,
  • measurement and analysis of volumes and ventilatory flows,
  • measuring oxygen consumption during exercise testing to determine VO2max.

Do not exercise at higher intensity than that of your testing effort permit. Trying to play sports over your physical real time without leaving your body to gradually adjust over the weeks the pace and intensity, may cause strong muscle injury, which does clearly not to help keep fit. In sports, the motto “no pain, nothing” is not always good to apply.

3) Increase your exercise slowly to keep fit

An increase in your training (distance, time or amount of weight lifted) more than 10% per week elevates your risk of injury as well (for example, you should not run 10 km 12 km a week and then next week 16 km week after).

To prevent muscle injury and stay in shape in the spring, you may very well increase your training gradually over weeks, but only between 5% each week (for example).

4) Avoid strenuous as you have not found a solid state for staying in shape

Depending on your degree or duration of physical inactivity during the winter, it can take up to six weeks to restore a state of solid. Start your exercise program with aerobics sessions (eg do the walking) slow and constant. The rush toward all-out does not help efforts to keep fit in general.

When you add interval training or hard work (fully), make sure you allow enough time to rest and recover (at least 48 hours) between two days of training with great effort.

5) Follow an exercise program and keep the history to keep fit

If you really want to go back to your best and stay in shape during the spring and then the rest of the year, it can help establish a training plan and do this without discrepancies.

There are several training programs for all types of sports and adopt not only a good source of motivation but also a way to stop you doing too much exercise and too early (relative to precautions use to allow your muscles time to recover between efforts).

6) Give it time to keep fit

If you had stopped or greatly reduced during winter workouts, do not expect to regain fitness striking in a week or two. Give yourself time to yourself, to your body. It is not forbidden to go slowly and appreciate the joy of playing sports outdoors again. There is still time to make your next summer workouts, so do not worry about running out of time after the spring, and go slowly at first.

7) Make the drive with others in the same physical condition that you keep fit

If you can find some people (friends, relatives in the family, etc..) with the same fitness and the same goals as you, you may well grow at a healthy pace. Exercising with people who are (too) ahead of you physically (running faster or longer, lifting more weight, etc..) may only encourage you to do too much to hurt you or you feel “behind” in your workouts.

Exercising with people who have the same condition as you can be motivating and help you improve your fitness, but only after you have found a solid physical basis for practice. Otherwise it can hurt you.

8) Beef up your arm to keep fit

Initiate a workout for your arms three times a week. If you have time to beef up other areas of the body it will remain the bonus, but refined and toned arms faster, thanks to strength exercises adapted than other muscle groups larger.


9) Try Tai Chi and the psychological movements for fitness

If you are looking for a different type of exercise (as Pilates or yoga ), which work both mind and body, try to find Tai Chi (Tai chi chuan) near you.

Tai chi comes from China. This is a sequence of slow movements and meditative, a cross between yoga and martial arts based on the cyclical movements of the natural world. The aim of Tai Chi is simple: we reconnect to the flow of energy that permeates the entire universe. When this energy is really available to us, we become exuberant vitality in the spirit of Tai Chi.

Tai chi chuan is more than a sport or dance gymnastics. Practicing Tai Chi means we balance physically, emotionally and spiritually. Exercise itself is sweet and yet improves cardiovascular capacity. Tai Chi also provides health benefits that might surprise you. Studies on the practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan showed that improves balance, reduces blood pressure , relieves arthritis. In addition, Tai Chi is recognized as an effective cardiac rehabilitation exercise in case of heart disease.

10) Remember to have fun to keep fit

Keep in mind that this is spring training, a season for exercise and physical activity fun and playful. You’re not doing the race and you are not yet burnt. So just relax and enjoy your spring exercise.


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