12 Exclusive Business Social Networks

Today you have 12 exclusive social network for business; the first is Biznik and it is to share ideas. Users “meet” online and in person, because there’s nothing like the power of a meeting face to face for long-lasting business relationships. After determining a place in the profile, Biznik show nearby users and events that can assist.

12 Exclusive Business Social Networks

Cofoundr is a basic social network for entrepreneurs. You can leave a question or a message, and thus bring responses from users.

Dreamstake gives entrepreneurs the chance to network with like-minded people and put them in place. The tools have advice, financial support, comparative of talent and even legal advice.

Entrepreneur Connect launched a network porEntrepreneur magazine. You can create a profile and explore the community and exchange ideas. You can also join groups of professionals.

With Focus, you can send questions to experts in business and receive research and analysis of the trends of the same. You can also participate in various events such as round tables and seminars.

Go BIG Network wants to be the largest community of new companies. A business plan can rear and to contact investors. Users of this network can search profiles of other members to establish contact, or publish an application that is known to other members that you are looking for.

LinkedIn has more than 100 million users and provides numerous resources for entrepreneurs. As for example, you can advertise there and even find suppliers or partners and participate in the network to enhance your profile.

Partner Up is an online community focused on the needs of small business owners. Here you can find commercial properties, locate partners to join the team or accountants and vendors to grow and maintain the business, plus get responses from people with experience.

Perfect business is a site that offers an online video Center, a business plan software and income investors specialists to launch ideas and get feedback. Building the network to be set in motion the business.

Ryze is the social network of professional business whose goal is to help related employers to find each other. Here you can talk to develop the business, have a life and a career, finding a job and make sales. Or just to keep in touch with friends.


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