2 quick ways to make cheese that always succeed

We will simply review our recipes that you may find several recipes that use cheese . That’s because we find several variations that fit well with various dishes of many kinds. Cheese is a very versatile ingredient , may be part of an appetizer, a first or main course and even dessert. Just visiting the area destined for supermarket cheese we understand the importance of this food as they find cheese for everyone.

complicated processing is required to introduce some delicious snacks

Cream cheese and basil

The pate as we showed you a few months ago to prepare and spreads can be a perfect snack that I personally love. In this case with cheese as the star, we can enjoy a very tasty cream engaging.


  • 50 g of cream cheese spread
  • 1/2 bunch basil
  • Development

This appetizer is done in just five minutes. It is sufficient to take the bowl of the mixer put a couple of heaping tablespoons good cream cheese (Philadelphia type) add half a bunch of basil and crushed. Get a light cream with a light green touch, spreading it on toast we fall in love. In others we can prepare in advance and have it ready in the fridge , then hold much without spoiling.

Fresh cheese with pepper and oil
In this case, this appetizer advise you prepare to serve the time , it will be the best time to taste it. as an appetizer or entree for a meal


  • 1/2 fresh cheese (goat in our case)
  • 2 tablespoons flavored oil
  • Development

Its development has no difficulty, it is sufficient that piquemos cheese we put on a plate and esparzamos pepper and a little oil . If we cut half the cheese into four parts, then we can go cutting triangles placed on a round plate not only be rich but showy.

As you have seen are two quick ways to prepare a starters or snacks where cheese is the star. No long and complicated processing is required to introduce some delicious snacks, so I advise you to try these two examples that I always saved when you have little time. But as always, I invite you to experiment and Tell us what are your favorite snacks with cheese below and encourage you to share pictures with us in our social networking profiles.


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