20 Applications essential to show off android

This type of articles always good: first help new readers and people who are entering the world of Android and on the other hand serves you all that you have more time stuck in this world to discover new applications. So today we will make a small ranking with 20 essential applications that serve to Android phone.

20 Applications essential to show off android

20. Flipboard

In principle there has to reach within a few days with the new Samsung Galaxy S3. But luckily for all, since there is a filtered version can be installed on any phone. It really is amazing application, both visually and functionally. You can add all kinds of feeds and even associate it with your social networks to make you a summary of them. That said, if you have an Android, consider installing Flipboard.

Download Flipboard for Android

19. Evernote

Indispensable application. Evernote will allow you to take all kinds of notes, organize your ideas and improve your productivity. You can store pages, pictures, and then read entire articles easy and you can manage the thousands of pending tasks in an easy and simple. To top it off, Evernote is cross platform so it can use in your PC at a time.

Download Evernote for Android

18. Endomondo

One of the best Android applications for sports. Endomondo will be your personal trainer in your going out jogging, biking, walking or any kind of sport. Monitor the details of your efforts in order to improve. Come on, if you are athletes, Endomondo can not miss on your Android.
Endomondo full suction for Android

17. N7Player

There are hundreds music applications in the Play Store. But different applications and stylish not so many. With n7Player you will be able to enjoy music like never before had experienced. Enjoy your music in the most visually possible with this simple application.
Download Android n7Player

16. TeamViewer Control

Always leaves you amazed this application. TeamViewer will allow you to control your PC or really, any person directly from your Android. The application is great and is free. You can not ask for anything more.
Download TeamViewer for Android

15. Flame

This application is not here to be nice, or design. It is here in the amount of things you can do with it. Call us to “do things” “when things happen.” That is, you launched a series of actions on the phone when certain events happen. For example: When you leave home -> Turn off the wifi, put the phone on vibrate and activate the GPS. Combinations and there are thousands, discover them all!
Download Call for Android

14. Any.DO

This in itself change is here by design. And it is just Any.DO a task manager (GTD), but it is designed in a manner so amazing worthwhile to show to people. I love it.
Download Android Any.DO

13. Locker Widget

This amazing application will allows you to add Widgets to your lock screen. You may also change the design and put different wallpapers. And really, it gives amazing results. So, you know. If you like customization Widget Locker can not miss from your applications.
Download Widget Locker for Android

12. Camera ZoomFX

You can take a look Camera360 or other. Camera ZoomFX ease your possibilities of sharing. That is, in Android, once you can send a photo taken anywhere: gallery, twitter, facebook, applications, photo editing, etc, etc. Really, no other OS can do this action as easily. Taking pictures in Android is a joy.
Download ZoomFX Camera for Android

11. Shazam / SoundHound

This post was what split two apps: Shazam and SoundHound. The two do the same and both do well. Very good. These applications will recognize any song playing at this time in seconds. It really is one of the most amazing technology out there. Seriously, you can not have an Android without one of these two applications. Prohibited.
Download Shazam for Android
download Android SoundHound

Note: Start the TOP 10. Forbidden not to have any of the following applications

10. Beautiful Widgets

One of the best things about Android widgets are something that no other operating system. Thus, begins to take advantage. For starters, nothing like Beautiful Widgets: hundreds of widgets of time and phone features together in one application. Watches and stunning designs for all tastes. Then, by defining your tastes you can go try other applications like Widgets Elixir2 or Minimalistic Text to further customize your phone.
Download Beautiful Widgets for Android

9. AirDroid

With AirDroid you will be able to control your phone wirelessly from your PC. You will be able to get files, write SMS, install applications, view photos, change the tone, watch videos, record the screen, make screenshots, etc, etc. Furthermore, the application is designed so exquisite. Really well worth a try.
Download AirDroid

8. ADW. Launcher / Launcher Go

You again have two winners. And again, what matters is the concept: a Launcher. With these applications completely change your desktop, changing the design and functionality. Thousands of new songs at your disposal and endless possibilities for personalization. Want to give new life to your phone? Consider installing one of these two applications. Moreover, all users on their TouchWiz Samsung, Motorola with its Motoblur and even HTC with its Sense should try at least once in their life these applications. And alucinarían. Do you want your screen to go faster? Well, you know!
Download ADW.Launcher Android
Android Ex Download GoLauncher

7. Swype

One of the features of Android is to brag that you can put the keyboard that you want to. Yes, either. And if you have ever tasted in your life Swype, you know what you are missing. Write in your Android sliding the finger at incredible speeds. Try it and you will love. And if you just convinced, try SwiftKey X.
Download Swype for Android

6. Titanium Backup

An essential application Period. It should be the reason that everyone would have to root. Titanium Backup will allow us to make a copy of ALL, ALL exactly what is on your phone.
Download Titanium Backup for Android

5. Google Chrome

Android Chrome recently came to ICS. Currently in beta, but it really is an amazing application. Tab management, synchronization with the favorite TOTAL Google Chrome for PC, the speed in short, one of the best Android browsers. Try it and then comment me: D!
Download Google Chrome for Android

4. gMail

Really one of the best applications around Android. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is a real great luxury and the tablets. Really the best mailer, look where you look. Everyone who still enjoy it because you are slow to make the change: D Make sure you download the application that I have set to receive the updates!
Download Gmail for Android

3. Cerberus

ESSENTIAL. Cerberus allows you to secure your phone remotely and control it remotely. It protects your phone in case of loss or theft. If you have installed Cerberus, only you access the web from a computer version and you can locate the phone, lock, delete your data, take pictures of the thief, send SMS, etc etc. It really is an essential application.
Download Cerberus for Android

2. Dropbox

Great. Just great for free storage on the cloud. Dropbox integrates seamlessly with your Android. Perfect in every way: download files, upload photos automatically, the endless possibilities it offers to share content. Well, today is the best application and service without discussion.
Download Dropbox for Android

1. Google Maps

What about Google Maps? The best map application available today. What is more, the Android application for Google Maps is the best you will find in any other operating system will find something that will shade. And is that apart from showing the maps, Google Maps offers business searches, layers to report the traffic, internal local transport information, etc. And last but not least, Google Maps has incorporated Google Navigation, a GPS navigator completely free and works like a charm. It really is the best Android application that you can find. Essential.

Download Google Maps for Android


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