3D Blu-ray players from LG dominate the rankings

Great success for 3D Blu-ray players from LG that conquer the entire podium of the ranking by a prestigious American magazine technological leader in the field. The three LG readers garnered the highest ratings in reviews and tests: LG BD690 has earned the top position, LG BD670 the second and LG BD650 the third. In a very short list of 22 different models of all major brands.

3D Blu-ray players from LG dominate the rankings

Thanks to the 3D Blu-ray player you can bring all the quality and the magic of three-dimensional content (movies, concerts, documentaries…) living in the dimension. This important award takes its place alongside the leadership in PCWorld ranking of the best 3D TV and the platform of Smart TV in 2011.


It’s always the most consistent supply of high quality video content such as movies, concerts and documentaries as well as available online through the Blu Ray bought in stores. All these qualities can be fully expressed only at a player, especially in the field of 3D Blu-Ray: The role of 3D Blu Ray is crucial because it processes the data to disk and send them on 3D TV to ensure the experience more complete and engaging. And no example has led trio of models branded as the LG, with crystal clear images and vivid colors and realistic. A level that elevates these readers than the competition, to enjoy the movie so much higher.


More testers (like Cnet) stressed the integrated Wi-Fi module as well as the interface and compatibility with video streaming services like Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Instant, Napster, MOG and vTuner. The picture quality is crystal clear and vivid and gives the best with the innovative 3D Cinema glasses TV with no stress. All three players have earned full recognition in DVD playback.

The best quality of multimedia services at home, Life’s Good with LG in home!


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