5 best employee monitoring programs to use

In today’s competitive, modern business world, all organizations face new challenges in terms of sustained productivity and creating the most engaged workforce. Obtaining the desired results in any organization depends largely on the consistency of the level of productivity of the employees.

In today’s business environment, no organization can achieve the highest levels of productivity unless each and every one of its employees is committed to improving the organization’s productivity levels. This means that employees will contribute to the growth of the business.

But unfortunately, some business owners tend to fail in monitoring the daily productivity of their employees, and the result is the fact that their work performance will be detrimental to the growth of the business and this thing will not be able to be detected and controlled.

Such a thing would ruin the company’s ability to achieve its goals. But thanks to technology and software tools to monitor employee productivity, organizations don’t have to wait until employee performance appraisal programs are too long to see how they are doing at work.

reasons to use employee monitoring software
Top reasons to use employee monitoring software

Emails are the main source of data breaches for companies, as employees have to exchange information through business correspondence, so it is crucial to secure and track data when they are required to comply with the laws of HIPAA, GRAMA applications, and FINRA regulations.

There are some simple email surveillance solutions available on the market to help you monitor employee emails to make sure critical data is not being shared intentionally or inadvertently. Employee monitoring programs include email monitoring capabilities and more tools to monitor other employee activities while doing their jobs.

Another central aspect of employee monitoring software is the ability to monitor their activity while using company equipment, such as their laptops and desktops. These solutions will allow you to see which websites your employees are accessing, who are the employees who typically download files, and when USB drives are plugged in or unplugged.

These tools will also be able to alert you when searching for particular keywords that require concern on the part of your business, including job search, porn search, or competitor contact related searches.

The best tools for workplace monitoring will give you administrative control that will allow you to block these types of activities and restrict access to inappropriate or unsafe websites. You can successfully use the tools to monitor your employee’s work and find out what an employee is doing these days.

Stealth mode vs. transparent mode

When employers use these monitoring tools, they can choose to use them in stealth or transparent mode.

Stealth mode is also known as silent mode, and this means that employees cannot see the fact that they are being monitored. High-quality monitoring tools will run unseen and undetected by employees.

The transparent surveillance mode will allow your employees to see the surveillance program on their systems. This software requires installation on each of the computers, including the administrative portal. This will not be as easy as stealth mode, as administrators will have to review each and every report for each system to see how employees are doing.

How do the monitoring tools work?

Employee tracking tools need to be installed on multiple systems, including a central station, in case employers want them to be undetected by users. For this type of tool to work properly, you must first disable the firewall and it will be enabled again after the installation process is complete.

On the other hand, it is virtually impossible for the program to function without additional patches and programming to allow PC monitoring software to run around the program. This will punch a hole in the security system and make the network vulnerable to all kinds of malware, viruses, spyware, etc.

Beware of viruses in disguise

You should be aware that there are many employee surveillance tools that are actually viruses in disguise and while they may provide you with keylogging and password capture capabilities, they also collect the data behind the scenes and sell it to breach the organization’s security. Most tools for monitoring employee activity can work around the firewall, but some threats may still go unnoticed.

Deploying the software: Cloud and on premises

Another important aspect to consider is the way the software is being implemented. The most used option is the local option, and most tools offer it. This will allow you to host the program and the data it collects on your own server. This solution requires a little more IT knowledge and may take longer to configure. On the other hand, cloud solutions are easier to manage and can be set up faster than local deployment.

Solutions that adapt to your needs

Parental software and monitoring software are two solutions that monitor personal computer use. They are installed and used on a single computer, and they do not pose the same threats as email surveillance tools, for example, which we have already said work with firewalls.

The monitoring software and parenting software come with additional options that are designed to prevent cyber attacks along with tools to monitor children and their spouses when they go online.

There are many companies that are also looking for email software and applications that monitor outgoing and incoming messages for spyware, viruses, and Trojans.

There is also email encryption software that can protect personal data and critical information when it is transmitted to third parties. These tools will ensure that sensitive data is only accessed and used by people who really need the information, while keeping it as secure as possible.

Here are the top five options for monitoring employee activity:

Teramind: Cloud or On-Premises Platform

Teramind provides software that streamlines the process of collecting employee user behavior on PCs to identify suspicious activity, monitor efficiency and effectiveness, detect potential threats, and ensure industry compliance. Teramind’s mission is to reduce security incidents by providing real-time access to user activities through user warnings, alerts, redirects and locks to keep the business and organizations as safe and efficient as possible.

The software comes in both on-premises and cloud-based deployment options to meet the requirements of any organization.

Teramind can successfully identify which users are riskier for your business by analyzing trends in their behavior. You can review what particular policies they have violated and then educate them to prevent future incidents.

With this tool, you can also write rules that react to any observable user activity, such as blocking the sending of an email or alerting when a particular document is printing. You also have the ability to record and record all the activity, and they play it back as if it were a video and analyze the metadata of the sessions.

To start using the software, you must follow these steps:

  • Sign up for Teramind Basic Cloud employee monitoring software for free.
  • Install the monitoring agents on the computers you want to monitor and decide whether you want to monitor them full or part time.
  • You must customize each alert and monitoring configuration to tailor the platform to your needs.
  • You can access all the functions of the software platform for unique monitoring capabilities that improve both security and productivity.

HipChat: Time-tracking software

HipChat works quite well as a companion tool for WorkZone style platforms. It is a time management tool that is essentially an instant messenger built for workplaces. You can use it to set up persistent chat rooms or for 1-to-1 communication.

One of its most useful features is a comprehensive chat history, and now employees who missed a meeting on HipChat will no longer have to interrupt someone else to catch up, they just have to revisit the session and navigate through it quickly. .

This time-tracking software is an important tool for checking employees’ daily work performance, and it can prove to be an opportunity to identify which strategies lead to the highest productivity.

WorkiQ: Power of workforce analytics

WorkiQ is a tool that tracks the computing behavior of employees and provides reports on time spent on non-productive and productive applications. The tool’s dashboard provides clear images that will tell you which employees and which employees are actively involved in their work and which are continually being distracted.

This tool gives you the ability to categorize all kinds of activities, track processes in all applications, and compare how different users process similar units of work. Management dashboards will offer the following benefits:

  • Identify unproductive behaviors at the time of occurrence
  • Detecting and rewarding productive behavior
  • Comparison of actual employee productivity, including mix and complexity of work handled by employees
  • Remote worker management
  • Identify the people with the best results to be able to replicate their processes over time
  • Improve work distribution through identifying underutilized skills or overworked employees


Desktime: Employee Computer Usage Monitoring

DeskTime is a simple and secure time tracking application that allows you to increase the efficiency and productivity of your company. Using this tool, you can monitor the daily activity, sick leave, overtime and vacation of your employees more easily. You can get a clear view of your team’s workflow. With DeskTime you can track applications, URLs, and also time offline and you can also access detailed data on the ways your employees are using applications and websites and what they are doing when they are not online.

The tool offers automatic screenshots and activity rate trackers that allow you to track time spent on individual projects. DeskTime provides detailed information and reports for billing, and you can use it to easily customize, download, and also send CSV reports to provide your clients with the most accurate information on the amount of work and time spent on all projects developed by the company.

You can monitor local and remote computers from both your mobile phone and your desktop, saving time by reviewing reports on your business performance on the go. The tool’s support team is available via chat, voicemail and also by email. The DeskTime team follows industry security standards to secure the personal information provided to them.

Asana: Manage your team’s work

Asana is a tool that offers tasks, projects, dashboards, and conversations so teams can move work more efficiently from start to finish. You can use it to view the progress of any project without having to schedule a status meeting or send emails. With this tool, you will be able to use custom fields to keep track of anything that is of great importance to you, be it mistakes, job applicants, or leads.

You can organize your tasks in lists or shared forums for all your meetings, programs, and initiatives. Sections and columns allow you to customize Asana to suit your workflows and add structure to all your projects.

You can divide the work of a task into smaller parts or divide it into multiple projects and when a single task becomes a large and important initiative, you can quickly turn it into a project.

Employee behaviors are unpredictable and with the help of these great tools you will be able to increase your work efficiency and the overall productivity of your business. Browse through all of them and choose the one you like the most, according to your needs. We guarantee the high quality of all the tools that we have discussed above to monitor the activity of your employees at work.


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