5 educational apps that your child should use

Technology has facilitated the learning process worldwide. The incorporation of audiovisual material in schools, according to some research, facilitates the retention of knowledge in students. Innovations, used correctly, can greatly contribute to benefit teachers and students.

Currently, in the market we find a series of devices at our disposal. From next-generation mobiles, iPads, notebooks and netbooks. If, as a parent, your goal is to introduce your children into the educational technological world, we recommend you acquire the last option we mentioned.

Five educational apps that your child should use

Five educational apps that your child should use

A netbook is practical thanks to its size and weight (less than 2kg). In addition, its price is much cheaper, unlike other devices, so that children can use it without excessive restrictions.

On the other hand, digital books also constitute an indispensable material today as a matter of consultation. On many occasions we do not find the texts we are looking for in libraries or perhaps in a foreign language. The opportunity to buy them online is a possibility, as well as download an application with thousands of free ebooks.

Precisely, in the Android Play Store or Apple App Store we can find hundreds of educational apps . There are them for all ages, from elementary, secondary and high school students. Similarly, we have applications aimed at teachers who seek to provide better tools in their teaching.

For these reasons, we have prepared a list with five apps that will be very useful to facilitate and reinforce the learning process of the little ones at home:

Itbook classroom

It is an app that is aimed at children between 5 and 12 years old. In an entertaining way it offers the possibility of practicing mathematical operations. We have addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The game has 60 levels, divided into 10 thematic scenarios. The student must complete each one to collect prizes as a reward. Although the download is free, it gives us the ability to pay to download additional levels.

Farm 123

It is designed for children up to 5 years. The app seeks to reinforce what has been learned in preschool through games of gradual difficulty that will help the child to reinforce their knowledge in numbers and their ability to order them. As with a book, children can turn the pages and enjoy attractive images accompanied by music and sound effects. They earn stars as they beat each game.


It is the ideal application to learn languages ??such as English, French, Italian, among others. It has been recognized by different means as the best app in 2013 and 2014. In an easy and fun way the student learns while earning points and increases in level. There is a wide variety of exercises for pointing, writing or speaking.


With this app the child will reinforce language and spelling. Based on the popular Scrabble game, the application has a point system by building words. At any time we can choose a random opponent or compete in real time with friends and family. On a digital board we must form words strategically, either vertically or horizontally.

Khan Academy

It is a platform with a wide variety of online courses, so that children can explore any of them and start learning. This teaching library has information about math, science, economics, history, etc. In addition, the learning is accompanied by videos with entertaining explanations. Among other benefits, it has exams and feedback tests. It also offers the possibility to download content for when we do not have an Internet connection.

As we see, there are endless applications for children’s learning. If we browse the application market we will find many more, about arts, math, languages, etc. Some have a download price, but offer a trial version. Most are free, so we can take full advantage of the technology .


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