5 tips to optimize the use of Twitter

Here are some tips to benefit from some lesser known features of the micro-blogging site Twitter.

5 tips to optimize the use of Twitter

1) Enable the secure protocol HTTPS

Obvious, of course. Make your communications between your computer and Twitter secure, especially if you frequent public places with the use of WiFi. To do this, you must pull down the menu of your account, top right, “Preferences” menu and check the option “Always use HTTPS”. This will enable the secure connection to encrypt information on your account.

2) Create lists for tracking subscriptions more easily

The use of the lists should be much more frequent. From your homepage, clicking on “Lists”, the fifth tab from the left you can see the lists that concern you, i.e. you follow, or behind you. When you click one of these lists, the newsfeed will be restricted to this list. It is from this same page (lists) that you can create a new (create a list). Add a name, description, and opt for public or private option. You can then add people to it.

3) Add the new button “Follow” on a site

This is an HTML to include in a blog, for example, who adds the button to the said site, thereby facilitating the recruitment of subscribers. Conversely, a visitor can subscribe with one click to a Twitter account, without being redirected to the platform without any additional effort.

4) To test the functionality of advanced search

Few people know this advanced search, yet practical and user friendly.

5) Save frequent searches

If you are interested in a topic on which you perform frequent searches, you can easily save this search called for not having to redo it manually each time. To do so, it is just typing the topic of the research in question in the box provided for that purpose, and then click on “Save Search” to insert the tab on the “Research” your home page tabs to the right wire, Legal and retweet.


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