6 Tips for the rehabilitation application: need to know before starting

In almost all European countries, each member of the family, which is insured by the social security system – this is the statutory pension or health insurance company – basically a legal right to rehabilitation measures. Which social support must pay for the cost depends on certain conditions, which are insurance legal. This may be in addition to the aforementioned health insurance and pensions, a welfare agency or the statutory accident insurance.

Below we explain who is entitled to a rehabilitation and explain how to apply for a rehabilitation so that they will be granted.
A planned operation, an acute deterioration of health and often related inpatient hospital stay

In what diseases, you can request a rehab?

Almost any serious illness or accident can cause a medical rehabilitation. But even with damage to the nervous system, for example by a Concussion or after a stroke, rehabilitation is extremely useful. Also, a rehabilitation necessary to make cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders and diseases of the internal organs. In the field of geriatrics the importance of medical rehabilitation is increasing rapidly. Because in the field of geriatrics it is more important to get the elderly as long as possible so their independence and to postpone the date of care as far back.

How long does a medical rehabilitation program take?

A medical rehabilitation is an outpatient in a rehabilitation practice or stationary in a health care clinic and lasts usually three weeks. Meanwhile, there are specialized rehab clinics that as the rehabilitation and prevention center of Bad Booklet specialize with individual rehabilitation concepts to different target groups and aligned with the treatment. Thus, the respective treatments differentiate according to different professional groups or indeed by a variety of conditions. Special forms of rehabilitation, the rehabilitation connection that starts right after a hospital stay as well as the so-called early rehabilitation, which takes place in parallel during acute treatment in the hospital.

Conditions for entitlement to medical rehabilitation

The main requirement is that the attending physician deems a rehabilitation program as medically necessary – he must also create a corresponding written report. That must show that an improvement of symptoms in the foreseeable future is to be expected from the rehabilitation program. The patient also has to be physically capable of performing the treatments and also the insurance law requirements must be met.

How do you apply for a medical rehabilitation?

The application for the rehabilitation program you need to ask yourself as a patient – the necessary application forms are available from local insurers. Usually a phone call away with the request to send the forms. Some payers have also asked the forms online on their website available for downloading. When filling out that you answer all questions truthfully and completely fill out an application, so you avoid queries. Together with the medical reports then send a rehab application at your cost carrier. Was already completed before a rehab treatment, so should be between the two treatments at least four years.

The full cost of rehabilitation is paid entirely by the responsible social security institution. However, the law requires a co-payment for food etc in the amount of 10 euros a day. Children under 18 are exempt and must pay nothing, explaining BMG in detail. If you decide to outpatient rehab, you must make no charge for most social security organizations. Also exempt from the obligation to pay are those relating transitional allowance.

Preparation Tips by undertaking the rehabilitation program

  • A planned operation, an acute deterioration of health and often related inpatient hospital stay are significant events in your life environment. Often, everything goes very quickly and unpredictably. So at this point are a few useful tips and advice:
    Keep your health insurance card and – if available – the severely handicapped, the hemophilia, allergy, heart or X-ray passport at hand. At best, so that even personally familiar people in your environment have access to it.
  • If you are taking medication, perform a drug plan. Your GP or pharmacy you is going to help you at the exhibition. Also, make sure that all changes are always noted.
  • Findings of previous studies, discharge letters of previously taken place hospitalizations and X-ray images, you should also have are always at hand. They serve the physicians in the rehabilitation clinic to raise your health status.
  • If you already know that you are going after the acute hospital treatment in a rehabilitation program, you should be ready to put a starter package, which contains the most important things for a rehab. These are, for example, slippers and sports and swimwear.
  • After confirmation of rehab, contact the implementing rehabilitation clinic a letter of invitation with the exact admission date. In general, this letter is a feedback form on which you need to fill and an information sheet with the most important information.
  • Many social security institutions do not assume the cost of getting to and from the patient. The invitation letter contains details this information.
  • The acknowledgment must be made without delay. If there may be no way to give feedback in writing back, is also a telephone contact in exceptional cases. This is to ensure that the rehabilitation clinic experiences, if you hear the recording date. Can not be accepted the appointment, the clinic must be informed as soon as possible.
  • Some rehab clinics offer the possibility that members accompany the patient during the rehabilitation stay. For a short stay is sometimes an extra bed in the patient’s room or a possible joint accommodation in a double room.
  • Companion of patients in the early rehabilitation can usually be accommodated outside the clinic.
    The Accommodation for accompanying persons is still limited because of the number of rooms. Subscribe therefore the accompanying person as possible the same time as your login.
  • The Board of escorts can also be done in some cases in the hospital, but sometimes it is necessary that cater relatives outside the home itself. Subscribe to the Board also as soon as possible.


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