7 reasons to determine if you need to redesign your website or not

Whether you have a business, and if you’re a freelancer, nowadays having a website is critical to get your message to as many people as possible. Managing to have a powerful website that meets all your goals may not be as easy as you might initially seem.

Sometimes you want to make a design change because we have tired of seeing the same page every day. Maybe it’s a good reason to make a new look to your website, but before spend money hiring a designer (or invest a lot of hours doing it yourself), let me explain 7 reasons to determine if you need to redesign your website or not:

1. Determines whether the current design is right for you

Often the reasons you think to change the design of your page focus solely on the erroneous thinking that if your visitors see something new, very modern, visual, go to hallucinate color and therefore they will buy or hire your services. Meeeck! Error!
reasons to determine if you need to redesign your website
The main reason you should always have after a redesign plan is to improve the performance of your current website. Even if it’s weird, the visual aspect is a secondary factor. The main thing is to have a website to help you get contact potential customers.

Correct examples of reasons to redesign your site:

  • Want your potential clients find you more often
  • You want to convert more prospects into customers end
  • You want to enhance your branding

Examples of erroneous reasons to redesign your site:

  1. Have a new corporate image
  2. More than a year since you changed the design last
  3. Your boss (or yourself) you want to change on a whim

2. Make sure your web pillars are seated

If you do not finish to understand the importance of SEO, do a website redesign can be more dangerous than beneficial. If everything on the SEO seems too cumbersome, a mess, or something too technical, my recommendation is that encargues that work to a specialist.

The reasons are clear: if you have a website for years and is on the internet, you have to consider many factors to keep the position to redesign your website. For example if you change your CMS if you’re not careful you can throw away the work of years by not respecting the same URL to redesign the web.

I recommend you pay special attention to the following points:

  1. Determines how many pages your website has
  2. See which pages are most popular
  3. Determines how many backlinks ( incoming links) is a web
  4. Sets where they come from those links
  5. Review all your internal links
  6. Determines which of these links are the most popular
  7. Find out what are the keywords that give you more traffic

3. Home page

Your homepage is a showcase where you show your products and your services.

You only get one chance to impress your visitors, so make sure you put what you most want your visitors know. Do not forget to add buttons to the top social networks in which you have presence.

You have to find a balance between content. If you put too little content on the home page, you may not be interesting to your visitors. Conversely if you put too much content, it is likely that the user feel overwhelmed and go to your site. Here I recommend that you check you do tests and the results you get.

4. Focus on creating quality content that appeal to your visitors

Quality content are like your virtual shopping online. Through content, you inform your potential customers what you do and what you can do.

There are many formats in which to present your content. Through articles in my blog by ebooks, videos, presentations, etc. can be constantly in touch with your potential customers while you are helping them by providing quality information.

5. Do not forget the Landing Pages

Landing pages or Landing Pages are the part of your website where the real party begins . They are the direct gateway to your sales funnel.

With landing pages you can filter and select your potential customers through attractive offers. For example, if you do a car repair, you can create a landing page where you offer an ebook with tips for tire maintenance.

Is quality information that people are interested and moreover it helps you when you sementar your potential customers in the future to offer them an offer on changing tires for example.

6. Performs conversion testing

Perform a web redesign is not just about changing things around. You have to make sure that your website gets better with time. This especially applies to landing pages, as you have to make every time the conversion rate is higher.

If you notice your landing pages do not give the results that could result, you can try:

  • Post a link to your landing pages in your newsletters.
  • Investing in PPC campaigns and ads aimed at the landing pages .
  • Use them as a link in your advertising flyers or business cards.

7. Check your stats

Web analytics gives you the possibility to investigate thoroughly to make finding your web which are the weak points.

Using small but constant adjustments to your web, you will be able to achieve the best results in capturing more leads and ultimately achieve more sales for your business.

Make sure that you check everything well before starting to redesign your website

Do not be put off by fashion or by your competitors. Investing in a website redesign is no small matter and should always remember to keep in mind that the main objective when redesigning your website should be to improve performance, not merely aesthetic.


Professional writer with more than 7 years of experience. Joseph has worked as a content creator and editor on different web pages. He has been coordinator and content manager in various editorial teams. He also has extensive experience in SEO and digital marketing.