7 Smart Tips to lose weight

You can make the diet much easier and effective if you put up some of these smart tips to lose weight. It is not magic solutions or innovative, but of key guidelines that often are overlooked but they really have great importance and contribution when looking for an effective loss of kilos. Take note of these 7 simple tips:

7 Smart Tips to lose weight: how fast to lose weight

Come a half hour to get up

One of the most effective tricks for weight loss, so you send a message to the agency should begin to burn existing fat deposits. It is meager but vital food choices that give you feeling full longer.

Grab a snack 10 minutes before each meal

Eating a low-calorie snack such as a handful of nuts, raisins or avocado about 10 minutes before principal meals to activate ghrelin, a hormone that lets you know the brain that the stomach is full.

Includes flavored waters

Instead of using the soft drink can be implemented naturally flavored water prepared chamomile tea, peppermint or dandelion.

Pears before dinner

Fruits rich in fiber help control appetite. Eating a pear 10 minutes before dinner is useful to avoid overeating, so prepare the stomach to resist the urge to eat sugar and unhealthy fats.

As snack

To make sure you consume adequate amounts of calories in the snack is helpful to buy a bowl in which “measure” the right amount of food, and use it every day. This is essential when you enter the food grains in the afternoon.

Papaya burn fat

Papaya is full of vitamin C and helps the body burn fat more easily. Stir the fruit into your diet everyday to also get the benefits of fiber in it and the feeling of fullness it provides.

Pan once a day

You know that bread is not only bad for your diet, if it is when combined with fatty foods and encourages overeating. The ideal is to eat a serving of bread once a day, choosing to incorporate food (breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner).

When it is consumed in the morning or afternoon snacks should always try to eat other foods with low in calories and light spreadable cheese and jam without sugar, to not add unnecessary calories.


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