9 types of fraud you must know for Safe online shopping

It is true that there is a widespread fear when transacting, motivated by everything you hear and read about “hackers”, viruses, and fraudulent behavior on the online shopping. However, if you take certain precautions and know in advance the most common methods of fraud, online shopping is extremely safe and brings many benefits. One is the savings of time and money. In most cases, the portals offer very competitive prices and attractive offers. Another is the large market of the Internet, connecting users anywhere in the country and even other nations.

Even with the rise of mobile devices these aspects are at the top of the benefits.

A basic but essential advice is to have an antivirus. When performing any operation on the Internet in some cases you will have to provide personal data and ensure that equipment is reliable for purchase.
It is important to know where you are buying. There are recognized and endorsed pages, which provide greater ease and confidence as they have anti-fraud policies, among other issues.
types of fraud you must know for Safe online shopping
Normally this information is available on the Internet. Just browse and get feedback from users who have used these portals, in addition to information provided by these sites, which often occur as conditions of use, privacy policy, etc.

All these sites have to offer product information and mode of operation. In terms of purchase usually comes all the information relating to company data , means of payment and shipping , forms of delivery, delivery etc.

There is an interesting option that is classified as “online” free. In these cases, the site functions as touch pad, allowing registered users to enter in direct connection mode “offline”, either by phone, mail or through a date agreed between them. This gives the user better guarantees on security, as the transaction closes off the web, agreeing to the terms of payment between buyer and seller, no need to provide bank account details.

Such is the case of Daily Weekly, which promotes this type of exchange, without charging any commission. That is, at no cost and with the backing of eBay, signing world-class reputation. However, users should learn about different types of crimes to avoid falling into the trap of cybercriminals. In this regard it is noteworthy that the most common types of fraud are:

1. Sale of trouble

It is very common vehicle sales and / or properties to lower prices than the market.
In this case of fraud alleged reasons for traveling or transfer work to justify the trouble and the price.
The form of deception is to apply a signal to specify certain procedures associated with the transfer of the vehicle or collateral inquiry and seals in the case of real estate. Then this, the thief disappears with the money.

2. Imports

These are published vehicles brought from other countries or areas in which the price is much lower because they are exempt from any taxes, as might be the free zone in Panama. The ads may seem very convincing noting that the car is paid once you get into the country.

These criminals do any work, i.e. do not steal large sums, but many users cheat in small numbers with the excuse that they should pay stamps and certificates to remove the vehicle from Customs.

3. False awards and competitions

It is an old method in which users contact the pretext of having to deliver a prize drawn by the company or, in some cases, notices are published to promote a new type of foreign lottery, game “online” or telephone.

It aims to make the public fall out of curiosity and then communicate some who have been benefited with a 0km, travel or other attractive product.

As expected, the prize does not exist and never reach the hands of the victim, but the latter if you should pay up money for expenses or administrative paperwork to receive it.

4. Ponzi scheme

It is a fraudulent investment operation that involves paying interest to investors of their own money invested or new participants.

This scam involves a process in which the earnings of the first entrants are generated due to the amount contributed by them, or by new investors, falling deceived by promises of high returns. The system only works if it grows the number of new victims.

5. Work from home

This type of fraud or illegal activities often go unnoticed easily, because they seem to be a normal job and it is difficult for an untrained person to see where is the plot of the scam.

The job offers are related to common and repetitive tasks simple but highly profitable (in appearance) and complete surveys for alleged international agencies, sending e-mails, visit Internet sites or sell tour packages online, which only require 1 or 2 hours per day.

They tend to promote it with wages and weekly payments too high for the average.
While it may be doing this work and believe that all work is real, when receiving payments the providers become mediators in the theft of money from bank accounts, access which data have been obtained by fraud (viruses, malware, phishing, etc..).

In other words, it becomes mules for laundering scheme / money laundering.

Some of these fake companies often make up job interviews prior to these mules, and even send and employment contracts to appear more serious in the job being offered.

6. Sale of new products or health

In this case the structure of the scheme is based on the pyramid or Ponzi models, all having the same purpose. This is to attract new investors to sell new products or technological doubtful. Among them are the dietary supplements, organic systems to wash clothes that make use of nanotechnology, and so on.

7. Modeling agency

In this kind of ads should be given special attention because it is often used to capture individuals who are then victims of trafficking. In addition they should be careful with those ads in which children leave their data on personal contact, such as e-mail, phone, etc. and which could then be used by pedophiles or pedophiles.

You should also monitor the content, because as any notice of such fraudulent promise of work or success is always trying to charge the victim for any costs generated by procedures. They can be photo books, travel to fake interviews with producers or casting among others.

8. Mobile technology and equipment

Sale of computer or mobile phone often to profit from people inside the country, where prices are generally higher than in the capital or where the notice is published. In this case, is a new or used at a great price and usually released (in the case of cell phones) so that the offer is very attractive to the victim, who shall deposit the money upfront to purchase the equipment.

In many cases, payments are made via bank transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram or money order.
Obviously, the product purchased is never or in many cases the user cheated receive an empty box or some other unrelated object with your purchase.

9. Animal Adoption

The scam revolves around the alleged delivery of purebred dogs adoption, either for lack of space or time to raise issues or keep. The ads offer animals that generally have high prices for sale. They are size medium to small, thus making it easier to convince the victim.

They require reduced physical space and in these cases is played with the feeling of the victim, who feels pain and fear that it is neglected or unprotected. Thus, sends money for postage vaccines and other treatments or procedures that may require the puppies, allegedly offered for sale.

What problems?

It is essential to tell a good customer because, for any inconvenience you may receive advice and assistance to operate effectively and safely. Therefore it is desirable that you know in advance if the site which will operate account with this type of services.

Today not all sites have user support and in case of problems, doubts whether usability, technical questions or other issues, is essential to human support.


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