A bridge to capture wind energy and solar energy

A bridge to capture wind energy and solar energyThree Italian designers want to do two things at once with their concept Solar Wind. Francesco Colarossi, Giovanna Saracino Saracino and Luisa are indeed to imagine a bridge that not only captures solar energy, but does the same with wind power. For this, it is preferable that the bridge is so high that it is exposed more to these two sources of energy. On the one hand, it embarks large turbines that rotate under the action of wind and secondly, it armed itself with solar panels that use sunlight. The 26 turbines, installed below the deck will generate 36 million kWh per year while the 20 km of solar panels on the road will give 11.2 million kWh in a year. Enough to cover the annual energy needs for 15,000 households.


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