A door handle that kills germs by ultraviolet

A door handle that kills germs by ultraviolet

The door handle, as well as mobile phone, computer keyboard or the bar of the subway is one of those everyday items that are true HQ for germs of all kinds.

Knowing all viruses, bacteria and other microbes that spread easily, it becomes necessary to solve this problem for all these accessories carrying microorganisms. For his contributions, Choi Bomi presents his door handle sterile. It has its own system of self-sterilization by incorporating an ultraviolet lamp. The lamp is activated and kills the microbes at the handle when it is not used. Conversely, when you open the door it goes secret; a hidden switch, just like the fridge door. An effective idea to avoid prolonged exposure to UV as it can cause skin cancer.

This door handle self-sterilizing was presented at the Red Dot Design Concept Competition.


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