A hacker discovers a support application on the iPod nano

A hacker discovers a support application on the iPod nanoWatch movies or TV shows on your iPod nano, it will be possible soon. James Whelton discovered that the player hides many things after wading iPod nano Apple 6.

Bypassing the device cache, developer-hacker was able to create empty spaces between applications. It then becomes possible to add other applications and hackers will not come to pray for that. In addition, James Whelton was detected in the operating system of the player support that enables you to watch movies and series, run games or applications such as iCal. This kind of discovery is not new because the old models have often hidden interesting applications such as those for guitarists and for physicians. It appears that these applications have been considered by Apple at first but abandoned along the way, without being totally eliminated. In a few hacks, here revived and accessible.


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