A mobile phone down: Nokia E10

Nokia smartphone OLED screen
Again and again in its approach to developing flexible mobile phones, Nokia will further with its concept E10. Nokia E10 is a cell phone that can bend and twist on itself about an axis of 6mm. Designed by China’s Chang Yifei, it can also be used as a tablet. E10 has no physical keyboard but the screen covering almost its entire surface is touch sensitive. Once folded, it can be stored in a wallet. Equipped with an OLED screen, it is made from thin, flexible materials. His three solar batteries aided by a lithium battery make it an ecological concept. It is possible to enjoy high definition multimedia functions without worrying about the burden of its four batteries in total since its independence is measured in weeks.

For the record, Nokia has already filed a patent for integrating flexible display for mobile phones. The company relies on nanotechnology for its smartphones. This is very promising.


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