A pair of glasses that secretly filming

A pair of glasses that secretly filming

Filming mean motion; does anyone imagine it without hands? POV amateur video secret agents, to pranksters and cameramen tired of maintaining their aircraft, many users will find their account.

Even better than Looxcie , discover a pair of glasses that would make James Bond some jealous. Externally, it is a banal setting at Clark Kent would make you pass for an intellectual. But appearances are deceptive, it’s a camera disguised in sunglasses for two reasons: the convenience and discretion. Indeed, a target is placed in the middle of the frame between the two lenses to capture videos with just the look. The pair of eyeglasses has a USB connection, an entry for micro SD card and buttons on the side. Currently, it can take pictures and film at 30 frames per second with a resolution of 640×480. Hidden Camera Glasses appointed, she is responsible for three hours to two hours of shooting.

If the convenience is undeniable, the discreet is not very persuasive. With its LED lights that flash, the idea of filming people without their knowledge. The camera-glasses is available at a price of 70 €.


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