A poker table RDFI technology

poker table with RDFI technology, enjoy this game on a big screen HD television

If you love board games, and most of the poker tables, you’ll probably be surprised by this news and almost certainly will revolutionize the future in this exciting sector.

Andrew Milner, president of an Australian company has been able to create a poker table RDFI wireless technology, which means that, for example, we play with our friends on a Saturday night and invite them to enjoy this game on a big screen.

But how to play poker online? For a really simple way, since apparently the table has a spectacular design quite striking, equipped with wireless RDFI readers and in which is played with a deck of cards labeled RDFI classified individually flexible.

The result is that when you connect a HD television monitors along with the encoding created by Milner himself, we find that transmission will be offered a professional quality video of your poker games at home, but transmitted to TVs or home even over the Internet.

Furthermore, we should not worry about the historic game in itself, as happens as pokerstars you can save the history of hands played.


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