A safe and technological house: Home Automation Systems

Installing home automation systems in your home has many advantages. The first one is that you guarantee the safety of your family, and that without any doubt is the most important thing. When we are at home, we want to be sure. The home automation systems on the market detect any strange movement inside the home and alert us in case of theft . But they also detect an escape of gas or water, or smoke caused by a fire and warn us with enough time to remedy it and avoid greater evils.

home automation systems

In addition to ensuring our safety, home automation also helps us save energy with simple but automated things. Lowering the blinds at night to prevent the house from cooling down and raising them in daylight hours to capture the heat are details that sometimes we do not carelessly.

What would it bring to your day to day?

In a home automation house all this is done automatically. In addition these small devices are currently available to many pockets because they have a fairly affordable price. But in this article we will focus on security and how home automation control protects not only your family, but also all your assets.

How does it work?

When you are on vacation, the house can simulate that it is inhabited even if no one really lives during that period of time . From a mobile application, and with remote control, you can activate lights, raise or lower blinds, or even do all this in an automated or programmed way.

On the other hand, in the event that home alarms are triggered, the user receives a notification through his mobile to act as soon as possible . You can tell a family member, a neighbor, that they are always closer and can approach the place in less time, or even notify the police.

There are also motion detectors to detect unexpected inputs and video surveillance systems with cameras located at the doors or in strategic locations. Home automation allows you to control all these devices from the same application without belonging to the same brand or between them are compatible.

Main advantages and functions

This sector has advanced a lot in recent years thanks to the rise of the internet and in many stores we can find different devices and sensors that are easy to use and install.

So much so that we can install them ourselves without the need for a specialist, provided you are a little handyman . It is not necessary to have knowledge in electricity and electronics, it will be enough to follow the instructions, and that anyone can do it.

These devices also work very well and are quite economical. You will only have to face the purchase price, unlike what happens with the alarm or video surveillance systems of the security companies, which force you to pay a monthly or quarterly fee.

You can also design your home automation to your liking, installing only the devices you need s. You may not be interested in placing video surveillance cameras and prefer to install sensors to detect smoke or gas leaks. With these devices you can do it to your needs.

In fact, motion sensors or door or window openings give very good results and, as we say, have a very affordable price.

Some of them allow the integration of the smart security camera with the wireless detectors. There are also sensors that alert strange movements at a distance of about ten meters. If you have a pet, you can also use it since the device distinguishes and ignores bodies with a volume of less than 30 kilos.

If you want to know some brands of recognized prestige in our country, we recommend discovering Loxone products and its smart home that, they say, “protects people from other dangers.”

Not only does it detect smoke or a flood, but in the face of these events, the system is programmed to close the water intake, in case of flooding, raise the blinds or illuminate the exit route or make the house blink to attract attention. of the neighborhood . And, of course, the owner of the house is notified immediately.

It works with an application in such a way that the user can check the alarm system and the state of his home from anywhere in the world. The app is the communication tool used by smart home to notify or notify everything the user deems appropriate.


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