A screen in accordance with the style of the room: how to choose?

From a practical standpoint, a screen’s main function is to create a movable partition in a room. But declined in many styles, shapes and materials, the screen is also an object of decoration which gives a certain cachet to the piece.

A screen in accordance with the style of the room

Screen: how to choose?

Wood, fabric or wrought iron, a screen will enhance the decorative style of the room in which it is installed. In a bedroom, the living room or even on the terrace, the screen is an object of a decorative potential. Design, rustic, oriental or natural, he chooses according to the mood of the piece. In the living room, separate office area for example, consider the colors of the walls, the style of furniture or the color of curtains to choose your model.

For a “natural environment” or decorative organic, bamboo screens or wood are ideal. Full of charm, a screen made of old-style fabric is suitable for decorating like Louis XIV. A wooden model declined in the same style would be appropriate. For the garden, if the models in wrought iron with arabesque patterns give a rustic and romantic charm, there are also beautiful examples of wooden screen for outdoors.

A flexible screen and Convertible

According to the space of the room or area to hide, we will choose a screen with two, three or four panels. If using this type of separation is not permanent, it might be wise to choose an adjustable screen. Very stylish, current models provide other useful functions to the object. Not content to be simply a movable partition, ingenious folding models can indeed turn into cabinets or closet.

Used as a headboard, the screen turns away from its primary function being a beautiful object for decoration. In the same vein, the elegant and precious glass screens embellished with designs and engraving form of decorative masterpieces. Beyond its function of separating a space, we are now witnessing a changing screens. Or contemporary design, these models combine fixtures for a product type 2 in 1 original and practical.


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