A solar device to use with computer everywhere

A solar device to use his computer everywhereOne problem with the portable high-tech, is that their batteries run down quickly. To have no further desire for autonomy, the designer Vin Marshall created a device that allows to have electricity at all times.

The designer has made up his mind to build a mini solar power plant. To create this device, he used a battery Sun Xtender PVX 560T, a power inverter, a router and of course, a solar panel. So he got a pretty practical device waterproof, with which it may extend to five good hours autonomy of his laptop. With this charging station, it becomes possible to work on the terrace in the garden, in fact almost everywhere provided that the sun is at the rendezvous.

The system obviously works with other devices. However, if the idea of Vin Marshall is interesting, its practical application has one major flaw as it is 35kg.


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