A Study Revealed The Words Most Frequently Used By Young People On Facebook

According to an analysis, “words” that have greater use in Facebook for Argentina young people aged between 15 and 21, are “lol” and “XD“. To make a tour of the networks of these adolescents, we have seen that they really are widely used for various discussions.

A Study Revealed The Words Most Frequently Used By Young People On Facebook

An Argentinean information event management company, conducted a survey with statistics from a sample of terms used by more young people in the social network Facebook. The objective of this analysis was to bring to light some of the trends in changes to the language and the new codes or meanings that arise through this phenomenon.

Own made study, based on more than 100 thousand terms issued this year on Facebook by young people aged 15 to 21 of Argentina. 400 young people gave their consent so that his words were part of the analysis. According to the survey company, following his study can conclude that teenagers tend to use fewer words, a language stripped far more concrete and factual and “possibly influenced by the grammatical structure proposed by Facebook and the English language”.

In this way, “lol” is what most write Argentine teenagers on Facebook with 11.567 repetitions in the analyzed words. Secondly, is located “XD” which represents an emoticon that shows a face that is laughing. “These forms synthesized mood States and communicated to the partner the tone you want to give to the message,” explained Proia. Also used it to “soften” sentences made with irony, acidic or high emotion. They function as a “buffer” semantic, which gives them the possibility to express very strong concepts but lowering the tone.

The company is a dedicated to the of information, through the design of strategies of communication, development of concepts and surveys on the model of information management.


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