A watch that uses retro Nixie tubes

A watch that uses retro Nixie tubes

In terms of high-tech objects, steampunk has no monopoly! Cathode Corner proves that it has manufactured a watch containing an original display used forty years ago to draw the figures.

The watch is called Nixie Watch and as its name implies, it uses the famous Nixie tubes to display time. Proprietary technology of the era of the Cold War that is to use a glass tube containing a wire mesh anode and cathode that form the numbers on display. Nixie Watch is made with anodized aluminum, this so it does not lose its elegance over the years. It resists water and has no button. Under the dial, it has two Nixie tubes to display the hour and minute.

Currently, the watch is out of stock but Cathode Corner promises new productions. A new wave will be released very soon.


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