Adhesive makeup, makeup express

When you have a good time to do makeup for those special moments or your skills are not the most precise in applying the shadows, the eyeliner and nail, then there is a solution provided by adhesives makeup. They come in a thousand varieties and size of more complex areas of the face including the lips.

Professional Eye

Professional Eye

Colorona Professional applicator provides instant eye shadow that can make you look like a makeup artist. They are mineral eye shadows in colors and designs ranging from subtle colors to the more intense for day or night, adaptable to any skin tone.

With an innovative proprietary technology and revolutionary application, it is so easy, fast and fun used to fit all women and their style.



They are single use, making your health and come with an applicator Hypoallergenic does not require makeup techniques, brushes or special brushes to use.

The eye shadow is waterproof, wrinkles, and also long time. It provides optimum results because they are impeccable coverage for every time.


These applicators come in color combinations to suit all tastes and skins due to the rich, intense pigments with its advanced design. One minute you are ready and clean. It is also versatile enough to allow coloring outside the lines, adding more products and make-up and further enhance the design.


Nails always perfect

There are also express adhesive nails, with which, you can have perfect nails in less than 5 minutes without fear of smearing the polish or having to wait until they are dry.

It is a set of instant manicure. Unlike conventional dentures, they are made of a thin layer of enamel that easily adjusts to the shape and height of your nails.


There are sixteen polish dry adhesive sheets that come in a standard size molds to your nails just by pressing with your fingers over. The effect can last up to fourteen days, after which the plates are removed with nail polish remover.

Sephora and Avon offer the same adhesive system and a full range of colors.


Lips ends

If you’re tired of conventional lipstick textures and colors, then there is something more original and fun you can try to see one. This is Violent Lips, a temporary lip tattoos that will put the touch to any look, party or costume, or even to impress with their textures and designs. Full-length, up to 8 hours, you can keep these tattoos on your lips. Depending on skin type and care given to them, you can eat and even kissing them. They are not toxic and do not damage your skin.


Professional Eye


Each set of Violent Lips comes with three different pairs. They are in options for all tastes, animal print, polka dots, flags, glitter, etc.. If you are very bold or classic. Stars like Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga love them.


Also eyeliner

Dior solves a problem that many when you draw the eye and make it look neat, in practical terms, with an innovative product like Velvet Eyes Collection.

These are a series of templates to stick on the lid perfectly drawn a line that everyone can achieve that dream that you profiled in magazines and runways.

With a similar glue of false eyelashes eyeliner is applied to the template, choosing from four different models, even some with small crystals embedded. The best thing is they are reusable, it can be used once again to adhere to the silicone plate ready for another day.


Fast, easy to use and dramatic effect, these products are created to dazzle so novel a special occasion and look unusual. Worth a try and achieve a comprehensive makeup, but express, in a few seconds.


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