Adhesive wallpaper: decorate your walls with style in the most comfortable and simple way

At Papel and Deco we are in luck because we have recently added to our website a wide catalog of adhesive wallpaper, an innovative and exclusive product to renew the walls of your home in a simple, fast, clean way and most importantly, achieving excellent results. no need to be a DIY genius.

We have self-adhesive murals and wallpapers available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and offers you the best performance.

You can install the self-adhesive wallpaper yourself without the need for glue or tools, covering an entire wall in just 20 minutes. This type of paper is intended for the decoration of a wall cloth, rather than for covering all the walls.

Self- adhesive wallpaper has become one of the main options for wall decoration , offering excellent results as well as many other advantages.

It is a very good alternative for those who do not want to remove the gotelé, since due to its properties it perfectly conceals the effect of the gotelé, preventing the joints from opening over time. Follow these important premises to stick the adhesive paper:

  • Make sure the wall is matte , on satin paintings it does not stick well.
  • Clean the dust that accumulates on the walls with gotelé using a cloth with water. If the adhesive becomes dusty or dirty, it will lose adhesion power and may fall off.
  • Wait 15 days after painting or priming to apply the adhesive.

Renewing the look of bathroom or kitchen tiles will be very easy with adhesive wallpaper. If you want a plus of perfection, putty the joints of the tiles before installing it, and you will get a perfectly smooth wall. Remember not to use it in areas that are in direct contact with water, because being a porous material, it will not hold and it could detach.

In addition, you can also use adhesive wallpaper for furniture , being able to renew that shelf or closet that has been outdated in the most original way. If you are interested in trying it, take note because below we are going to tell you everything you need to know to get the most out of it.

How to place adhesive wallpaper?

One of its main advantages is that installing adhesive wallpaper is very easy and fast , since you do not need to use glue or any other tool, other than a spatula and a cutter to cut the excess parts.

To install self-adhesive wallpaper, first present it to the wall where you are going to place it, and once you have it in place, remove about 20 centimeters from the back , fold it behind and stick the paper on the wall.

Once this is done, you will have part of the paper stuck on the wall, and now you will have to roll the rest of the adhesive paper up , gradually pulling the back part and sticking it on the wall from the inside out.

When you have glued the entire panel, cut the excess parts gently with a utility knife to avoid damaging the wall. You will see that the paper is cut with great ease. And the best of all this is that it will not have taken you more than 20 minutes, achieving a spectacular result of professional quality.

If you need to cover a larger area, overlap the next panel one centimeter on top of the one that is already placed , making sure that the drawing fits perfectly so that no irregularities are seen and the result is perfect.

At this point, repeat the whole process again and when you have the entire desired surface covered, cut the upper, lower and side excesses again.

If there are plugs, antenna sockets or switches on the wall, remove the trim before attaching the self-adhesive wallpaper . When you’ve installed it, locate the plug and cut the entire perimeter with a utility knife.

To make it look great, go over the entire area with a spatula and put the trim back on. As simple as that.

Why install self-adhesive wallpaper?


Adhesive children's wallpaper Tennis White

In addition to being very easy and fast to install, the adhesive wallpaper being repositionable can be easily removed , leaving the wall completely clean as it does not leave any type of residue. To detach it, you will only have to pull it gently without damaging it, being able to stick it back wherever you want. Make sure that it is not filled with dust or dirt that would reduce the adhesive’s grip.

It should also be noted that the adhesive wallpaper is breathable and does not leave bubbles once placed, which greatly facilitates its installation, guaranteeing good results.

And to all this we must add that the self-adhesive wallpaper is fully washable , which will help it to be well maintained since it always looks in perfect condition. Use water and neutral soap, avoiding corrosive products or those containing bleach.

Available in countless designs of the latest trend, adhesive wallpaper for rooms is a safe bet , especially if you are looking to create contrast and add value by decorating one of the bedroom walls.

We also have adhesive wallpaper for the bathroom and for kitchens with which you can give a very successful change of scenery, without the need to carry out works or remove tiles, in just a few minutes. Of course, although it resists humidity well, it should not be placed in areas where it receives water directly.

Children’s adhesive wallpaper, the best option to decorate the rooms of the little ones

At Papel and Deco we have a wide catalog of children’s adhesive wallpaper to decorate the rooms of the little ones , being able to choose from an endless number of models available. They are an option to take into account for children’s bedrooms, allowing you to add color and achieve more fun designs in a comfortable and simple way.

And for larger walls we have an exclusive selection of children’s adhesive painted murals that will win you over . We have no doubt that you will find a mural that fits perfectly with the idea you had in mind.

We have adhesive wallpapers with children’s designs for all ages , from newborns to teenagers, so do not hesitate to take a tour of our catalog of children’s adhesive wallpaper and discover all the models available for your children.


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