Adobe Shadow to make web development platform more easy

To facilitate the development of websites on different platforms, Adobe unveils a small utility called Shadow. In addition to support for web standards, design a website also needs to be able to adapt it to different devices whether the computer, the tablet or smartphone.
Adobe Shadow makes web development platform
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To facilitate the development, Adobe has designed Shadow. Adobe Shadow is available as a client Mac and Windows, an extension for Chrome but also an application for Android and iOS. The software will run on Mac and PC in the background, identify the devices connected on the same network and enable communication between them. The coupling is done through the extension designed for Google Chrome in which the user must enter a numeric code generated by the smartphone or tablet. Subsequently, browsing web pages from the computer will automatically be replicated to mobile users. The principle also works with the pages of a local server or an intranet. While in theory respect for web standards should immediately provide access to different screens. However, as explained François Daoust group at the W3C Mobile Web Initiative: “there is an idyllic version of reality. De facto standards should impose a way of doing things. The practice is different in that there are specific by platforms that must be taken into account”.

Adobe Shadow will therefore simultaneously view a website as well as its classical version specially adapted mobile. You also find another advantage: the ability to access directly from their computer an “inspector” to view the HTML of the page synchronized to a smartphone. The developer will be able to change the code and get an automatic refresh on the phone. Shadow 1.0 is available in Adobe Labs. Visit this page for more information and find various download links.


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