Adopting a child: paper work, roads and some requirements

Some individuals and couples decide to adopt a child is because they can not have biological children or because they decide they prefer to experience motherhood and fatherhood in this way, giving it a home and a family to a child.

Before taking such an important decision and begin the necessary steps to reach the child’s adoption, it is necessary to take into account certain considerations that will help in the decision and will guide you in this path of adoptive parenthood.

Adopting a child

Adoption is a right of children, not parents

Adults have no right to be parents. It is the children who are entitled to have a family. If you are thinking about adopting, you should not do it because you feel alone, because you had a problem or overcome a moment.

The procedures should not have cost

In most countries, the statutory provision is no cost to adoption proceedings. Meet laws deeply and avoid engaging in any illegal activities.

Avoid stagnation

Do not concurs institutions to meet the children before adopting. You can not choose the child you want to give a family. If you know children, and they become attached to you and have fallen for the chance to be part of your family, you would incur what is called stagnation.

Avoid making illegal ways as you can harm the child

For a child to be adopted legally, you must rule their adoptability through the courts. Thus, the child ceases to be linked to their birth family and adoption, the adoptive family will be unique. Engaging in illegal actions, such as adopting through agencies or doctors, the child is difficult to explain its origin, a key part of their identity and enables the child to be claimed by their families of origin in the future.

Why I can not take one of the many children in institutions or on the street?

Not all children who are in a position of vulnerability and lack of a family are at adoptability. That children live in a bad situation is a problem to be solved by political means and by a change in societies. Only children without a family and have been declared adoptable by the courts in your country may be adopted. Follow rules of your country regarding adopting a child.


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