‘Ads by Google’ become ‘AdChoices’

Did you notice that “Ads by Google” on the Google Ads hosted pages is replaced by a new icon that says “AdChoices” in my site. But, for the first time it really frustrated me.

AdChoices change was announced by Google in second half of March on their blog saying that “We will soon begin to change the icon for our vision, your ads to a new icon that is developing a label AdChoices”.

‘Ads by Google’ become ‘AdChoices’

The change is made to conform with industry self-regulation of online advertising program for online behavioral advertising. The program is designed to provide users with notice and allow them to have a say in what ads are shown to them. “… We hope to show our support to this initiative of the Cross-industry, and increasing the understanding of our users the choice of the adoption of an icon, they will see ads on the Web,” Google said.

The Google AdWords program, which displays ads on Web sites around the world, had a feature to allow viewers to ads on more ads. Google has also a way for users to set preferences for ads, through their ‘Ads Preferences Manager’. These articles are accessible by clicking “Ads by Google” logo. In fact, the change of ‘AdChoices’ is only a change of icon, features and announcements also remain unchanged.

Google said the change “Our tests of this new icon and the label has shown that should not have any effect on ad performance. We believe that this implementation will help users better understand the offers that they see, and we are excited to see widespread adoption of this label throughout the industry”.

Google has not said how long they expect the words “Ads by Google” in passing “AdChoices” take place, but until it is complete, users will see an icon with AdWords ads.


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