Advantages and Disadvantages of energy saving lamps

Ecology has taken a role relevant to society and therefore increasingly strategies to care for the environment, and one of them is energy saving. Much of the consumption of energy is spent on electric lighting and to reduce that consumption have created lamps with compact fluorescent (energy saving lamps).

The operation of these lamps is similar to the fluorescent tube, but its design is compact, making sizes similar to those of the filament bulbs.

Advantages of energy saving lamps

While the cost of these lamps is higher than that of traditional incandescent bulbs, ultimately, results in a saving, as its consumption may be up to 80% less.
Advantages and Disadvantages of energy saving lamps
Most of the energy consumed by a lamp is intended to compact fluorescent light without generating heat, while incandescent devote most of the energy to produce heat.

The energy saving lamps can be used in traditional facilities, for his cap and threads are standardized the same way as the traditional ones.

Disadvantages of energy saving lamps

One disadvantage of these lamps is that even with a light similar to that of traditional bulbs, they produce a distortion of the colors, which are not perceived as faithfully as for example with halogen lamps.

Another drawback is that when switched on producing a faint beam takes a few minutes to reach full brightness.

These lamps are not recommended for areas where they need to step on and off repeatedly, as their increased use is in the boot and therefore can cause more spending. This is compounded by the low light output they have in the boot. Furthermore, the constant power significantly shortens its life. Nor can they be used with safety sensors or dimmers.

There is also a debate about the consequences of the energy saving lamps can have on health, due to its mercury content.

More efficient than compact fluorescent lamps are light emitting diodes (LEDs), which also offer a version of white light. These lamps do not yet have widespread use in lighting, but are already operating in flashlights, cars, traffic lights, neon signs, among other applications.


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