Advantages of a Central Kitchen Island or Peninsula

When the dimensions of a kitchen admit, having a center island or peninsula , is a very suitable alternative for use as extra work space and is a functional element, able to offer several rewards when doing tasks This atmosphere of a home.


In houses decoration is important to include some items that meet practical function and also their aesthetic harmony with the rest of the environment. In the case of a kitchen island , it offers several advantages :

A central island , can facilitate activities in a house , it is a practical kitchen cabinet, allowing different uses. It can be used as a work area, replacing a table, using it as a breakfast bar, and if you include a low cabinet or shelves, another thought is to use it to the storage of different objects inside.

The bars or kitchen islands serve as an element to bring different areas in a kitchen , ie, to generate closeness between two or more distant areas of the room. That is why, this kitchen cabinet allows to be used as a unifying element of space.

It is important to consider the dimensions of a center island or peninsula , before integrating a kitchen , its size must maintain equilibrium with respect to the whole space, so offering comfortable use, and proper movement in the room.

Another point to contemplate regarding the aesthetics of this furniture is that the bars or kitchen islands , to harmonize with the challenge of environment, it is not necessary that it is made ??from the same material models, because you can create interesting effects by combining elements heterogeneous finishes.
A peninsula or central island could become a focal point of the kitchen , with a design that stands out, an attractive finish, and with one or more lamps that illuminate the area, creating a timely, useful lighting and highlighting the piece.


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