aFacial Yoga, application to exercise the face

For years known to do toning exercises facial muscles is a great strategy against signs of aging, inexpensive and without side effects, although it should be a huge dose of confidence. As the repetition of exercises lift the buttocks or flattens the abdomen, in combat sagging face and refined features.

application to exercise the face Yoga

To assist this purpose there is an smartphone app called aFacial Yoga. Lets have a guide on this smartphone application to perform facial exercises, so you can meet them every day.

The practice is called “facial yoga” for the methodology taught these exercises, yoga are some rules though always applying the techniques in the face from 85 years to complete more varied will be able to train on a daily basis facial muscles.

There is a free, but costs little money and really capable as a method of delaying some years the need for surgery or botox, whose results are never as natural as naturally tone fabrics. Even women who have gone through different aesthetic processes and can improve the results with this alternative.

10 to 15 minutes a day of dedication, and guidance of this platform for mobile, you can work the 57 muscles of the face and neck. The blood supply is increased, it has eliminated the problems that accentuate the lines, and the muscles become more supple and toned.

The application indicates aFacial Yoga practice the exercises in the mirror. Provides pictures, videos, animations to illustrate the movements. It also provides soothing music to accompany the routine hence called “facial yoga”.

The exercises cover the entire face. In general, gives relaxation and improves circulation. In contrast, in the eye area results include the reduction of the bags and relaxing tired eyes.

In the perioral area, the exercises help enhance the lips and mouth to have a more sensual. In the front, mitigating the lines, in between eye brows. The cheeks are less rounded and more angular, defining the contours of the face.

The neck is of particular benefit of exercise, avoiding the collapse of the tissues and the formation of the hateful double chin. Also noticeable on the chin with defined time lines, and helps to eliminate double chin.

In general, it removes fat deposits making facial features more defined, giving a more natural and above all, youth. It gradually erase signs of fatigue and stress of the face which by the way, few treatments can achieve.


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