Aiptek Z20: HD camcorder and pocket projector

camcorder projector Aiptek Pocket Cinema Z20

The gadgets are multifunctional recipe. The Taiwanese manufacturer Aiptek follows the trend and sells a device that combines HD camcorder and mini projector.

The size of a smartphone, the device is called Aiptek Pocket Cinema Z20. Camera and projector have rarely been brought together in a two-in-one such as this one. Z20 capture videos and photos in high definition at 5 megapixels. It is equipped with LED lights and can store 2 GB of data. However, its memory is expandable by inserting an SD card up to 32GB, enough film for 16 hours. The pico projector can project images and videos on a wall by creating a large virtual screen of 60 inches diagonal (or 165 centimeters). Pocket Cinema Z20 can be connected to an iPod, iPhone, DVD player or game console with a complete connection.

At a price of 350 €, Z20 is already available and also seems suitable for presentations in the workplace.


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