How To Use The Air Conditioner In An Environmentally Friendly Manner

The appointment marks the arrival of summer with the air conditioning: as we see today make its use more environmentally friendly and economical, in line with the need to cool.

In Summer, as happens regularly with the first warm days, the need to cool the house is the first priority. The use of air conditioning inside the home has become increasingly common and this helps to increase the energy consumption of electricity. But you can use in a sustainable and economic climate, enjoying the fresh homemade?

Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning

The first suggestion is always on the reduction of the cooling load, with the change of air in the evening and night hours, and again, closing windows and blinds/shutters facing south during operation of the air conditioner.

The temperature on the air conditioner must be adjusted within a reasonable range, between 25 and 27 degrees at most, to avoid excessive cooling of the environment, which can also be a source of health problems.

The air conditioner is often more useful when used in dehumidifier mode, especially when the temperatures are not high, but the real problem is the humidity.

The air conditioner also should always work with a top speed of air movement is not larger than 0.15 meters per second, with an orientation of the air vents at a reasonable distance from the people: all that, then, you must also add the correct cleaning the plant, to prevent the propagation of harmful particles in the air to the health and to reduce energy consumption due to a decreased efficiency.

In conclusion, then, the air conditioner must be serviced on a regular basis, both as regards the compressor as for the content of refrigerant.


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