Alibaba announced its interest in buying Yahoo

We all know that Yahoo! is a company in decline, with products increasingly popular and an economic benefit that is far from optimal. While the company took steps to enhance the scope of its services better known, the overall balance is positive and is rumored about a possible sale.

Interested in buying the company are not few, but has gained more media presence is Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. The executive was among the first to publicly vent their interest in acquiring Yahoo!, recognizing that many Asian investors have been very interested in joining the initiative.

Alibaba is a company that handles the operation of Alibabadot com com, a website that deeply rooted in Internet sales in various countries of Asia. The page has a method of operation very similar to DealExtreme, but not much has global popularity.

Jack Ma’s intention by Yahoo born of mutual interest as Californians in 2005 bought 40% of Alibaba for 1,000 million dollars. At the moment it is unknown if the intent of Asian investors is real or if they are only a little smoke rising to U.S. firm wins in the media space.

In the event that the interest of Alibaba and its partners is true remains to be seen how much money would be able to collect. It is worth remembering that a couple of years ago Microsoft offered 44 billion by Yahoo, even though the firm is highly undervalued now will require a check of several numbers to close the deal.


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