All about Autism: how to detect and what to do?

Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder, whose symptoms begin to manifest during the first or second year of the child. It is important that parents know the symptoms to detect the disease early and encourage early treatment.

It mainly affects the ability of communication and social interaction. It is also said to be a “condition of the bond”. Fortunately this is a rather rare (5-10 cases per 10,000 children).

Why it occurs?
So far the cause is unknown. Some children with a particular brain disease (such as congenital infections by viruses, hydrocephalus, encephalitis, poisoning, metabolic or degenerative …) may have similar manifestations in behavior.

Although sometimes said that the cause of autism was purely psychological, it seems highly unlikely. HOW TO REPRESENT usually start during the first year of life in 25% of cases and the second at 50%. The first thing that attracts attention is the disruption of communication that can be detected because the baby:

  • looks at the face of the mother
  • Does not respond to smiles or words
  • Shows no interest in things, games, and people
  • It does not seek solace in the arms of caretakers

They can also be observed abnormal movements such as:

  • Constant balancing of the body
  • Hand flapping

Activity and play of autistic children are characterized by:

  • It seems attracted to things like a fan spinning, moving lights …
  • Their manipulations are mechanical, and does not use toys to play, only the paws, it leads to the mouth or strip.
  • Insists on routines. Became very distressed and aggressive if those routines are disrupted.

The language is also altered. Type may be immature, as repetitions, or meaningless jargon. They do not learn the use of pronouns and altered note the “melody” of speech. Some autistic children do not speak at all and others repeat phrases or refrains of a run (e.g. a television).
As the child grows, the manifestations may change. Some other better and worse. In general there is always mental retardation, although some children seem to “genius” for certain activities such as music or math puzzles.

WHAT WE DO is very important that parents and pediatricians are aware of the early manifestations of autism to start rehabilitation treatment as soon as possible. The treatment requires tremendous dedication from parents and professionals. It seeks to achieve social integration of children and it should have a multidisciplinary team psychologists, speech therapists, social workers, pediatricians, family therapists, rehabilitation specialists, teachers…

There are associations of parents of autistic children in all regions. Families need support from professionals and the community, by the significant wear of caring in her bosom an autistic child.


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