All SEO cheat codes to be number one in 2019 Search Engine Result

Do you have your own website ? Surely you are constantly looking for ways to improve your position in the search engines

Do you have your own website ? Surely you are constantly looking for ways to improve your position in the search engines.

Yes, the blessed SEO cheat codes!

If you want to know the formula to be in the highest position in the ranking, today at our blog we will reveal all the secrets you should know.

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What is SEO positioning? The abbreviations SEO come from three words in English: Search Engine Optimization, they refer to the optimization of the searches in Google and other searchers.

In short, it means that SEO cheat codes is what measures the parameters that can make your site appear among the first options on the Google search page.

The question is, what factors does Google consider to position a website?

In this note we are going to talk about that, and about tricks you should know to achieve a good positioning of your website .

Google Algorithm

One of the great difficulties faced by those who seek to position their site on the web, are the constant changes that are usually in the algorithm that Google uses for SEO positioning. One of the things that Google takes into account when positioning a site is the interaction that users have with the content of this website .

  • The fact that users remain some time within the site and interact with content, gives to understand Google that the content of that site meets the needs of those who visit therefore considered to be a quality content and it positions it better.
  • From here we get the first tip to get a good SEO positioning :
  • The quality of the content is fundamental

  • From here we can also come to the conclusion that within a blog, much more important than the quantity of articles that are published, is the quality of its content.
  • When a content is original and quality Google rewards it.

The keywords

  • Google has a free tool , the adwords keyword planner .
  • This tool is very useful to know what is the keyword related to the topic of our article that is being used more.
  • By placing the keyword we are thinking of using in Google Adwords , it shows us the number of searches, not only of that word, but of many other related ones that may be more interesting.
  • To further enrich the content of our articles, we can use other words that are related to our keyword , such as synonyms .
  • There are so many Free tools to find quality related words .
  • It may also interest you How does the Google search engine understand what we write?

The Featured Snippets

The Featured Snippet is a text created directly by Google and is ranked in the first place in organic searches. Basically, it is a large text box that contains a short answer to the query that we made. As this box appears above the other results, it is known as the 0 (zero) position of the search engine .

Because it is Google that selects the content that should appear in this position, we can not say that there is a formula that can be used to ensure that you will appear in the 0 position . What is known is that the better the content, the more likely it is to appear in the first position of the search engine .

For example, this is what we can see if we search Google for the word SEO.

The better the content, the more likely you are to appear in the first position of the search engine .

Long Tails

The long tails are long phrases related to our keyword most frequently used. Knowing what users are looking for most frequently is very easy, it will be enough to write our keyword in the search engine and many related phrases will appear immediately. Incorporating these phrases into the content of our blog will help you to position yourself much better.

100% responsive

For some time Google has been giving a lot of importance to the mobile versions of the sites , and gives priority in the searches to those that are 100% compatible with mobile devices . Therefore, another important key to achieve a good SEO , is to ensure that all content displayed on the web is the same as you can see in the mobile version .

Site loading speed

Optimizing load speed is very important, when a site takes too long to load, users leave before they can even see the content. Ideally, the loading time does not exceed three seconds , and it is very important that this is true even in the mobile version of the site .

There are tools that are used to measure the loading speed of the site , some of the most used are Google PageSpeed ??Insights , Pingdom Website Speed ??Test and GTmetrix . The basic recommendations to accelerate the loading speed of a site are: take advantage of browser caching , enable Gzip compression and reduce the weight of images .

SEO – loading speed

The loading speed of the site must not exceed 3 seconds. You may also be interested Know all the new WordPress 5.0 in its ‘Bebo’ version

The architecture of information

That there is an order that allows to easily find information, is an important factor for SEO . If Google does not easily find the information when tracking the site, it will not position it well, therefore, making it easy for the search engine, is an important part of the SEO of a website.

Taking this into account, we know that a poor information architecture will negatively affect the positioning of our site , to avoid this, what we must do is plan the structure of the information previously .


The linkbuilding , or use of links within the site is a very important factor to achieve a good positioning in the SERP . The nofollow and dofollow links are the number one factor of web positioning. The Internet is made up of links, the more links from other sites are directed to our page, the more the relevance of our site in Google will increase .

The fact that other sites refer to ours, sends Google the message that our content deserves to be well positioned . We can not forget the importance of internal links , they make the visiting public continue on our site redirecting them to other articles on our site that are related to what they are reading.

Visual elements

The addition of visual appeal makes reading the site much more pleasant. Some good tricks are: use bullets, text boxes, shading in a few words or use icons . Using images every so often serves as visual rest for the reader and the videos considerably increase the time the user stays in the site.

Interaction with the user

That the user interacts within the site, increases the time of permanence of the same and the CTR (the percentage of clicks that receives the result on the times shown on the page for a search). When the CTR of a result increases, Google interprets that this site is relevant to users and places it in the top positions of searches. How can the CTR of a site be improved? Using optimized titles and meta descriptions , since this is what Google shows in the search results.

The importance of plugins

Plugins play a very important role in attracting organic traffic. The increase in organic traffic means more customers and more monetary gain. Then we will see some of the most used plugins , there are paid and free, after considering each one you can decide which one to use on your site.

SEO plugins for WordPress 2019

Having a good relationship with Google will undoubtedly help your SEO positioning and increase the authority of your page. These plugins will help you become a “friend” of Google and improve your position.

Google XML Sitemap

This plugin is free and will help you to easily configure the site map . This helps indexing your web page and also improves optimization .

SEO by Yoast

After configuring the site map, you will have to install this plugin, it is free and it is considered one of the best. No need to have much knowledge about SEO , this plugin will help you easily optimize the SEO of your site. Yoast SEO is giving you the parameters that you must take into account so that your article is well positioned, likewise, it shows you the things that you must correct, such as the length of sentences and paragraphs, the use of transitions, etc.

Theme Checker: This free plugin is responsible for examining the code of your template, correcting incompatibilities or obsolete code fragments . The errors in the code play against web positioning, so it is very important to keep it clean.

WordPress Google Analytics By Yoast: This tool is free and helps you control the statistics of your site through Google Analytics . Knowing the statistical data of your website will help you see what you should improve to grow in the positioning of it.

Velvet Blues Update URLs: It is a free plugin that helps to pass the URL of your page from http to https improving the indexing of your pages and the traffic of your site.

SEO plugins to decrease the bounce rate

Table of Content Plus is a plugin that creates a table of contents within your post, what ‘s the use ?, every time a visitor to a click on one of the links in the table, Google l or counted as a user browsing for your website and it will take each click as a visit to a page within the site, which greatly decreases the bounce rate and improves search engine positioning . This plugin is free.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin: Statistics show that the bounce rate decreases if at the end of each post there are links to related content that the user may want to continue reading. This free plugin can insert related content in the form of links or using images .

SEO Smart Links: This plugin helps you with the internal links within your post, select the keywords you want to link to the best ranked articles. This helps keep users browsing the web, thus decreasing the bounce rate.

Plugins to improve the CTR

The CTR or Click Through Rate is the number of clicks a link obtains with respect to its number of impressions. The more clicks you receive a link on your site, the more it will go up in the search engine position table. All in one Schema Rich snippets: It’s a free plugin that helps you show rich snippets of Google. As we mentioned at the beginning, these are fragments that show a brief summary of your page in the search results, making the public read your article before the others.

Fuzzy SEO Boost: This free plugin increases the positions of your site in long tail keyword search engines automatically.

This is how it works: when someone finds your site using a combination of words or long tail that is not yet on that page, register it and add it to the page. It’s like having a tag cloud generated automatically for your blog, each tag helps positioning in the search engine.

Plugins to improve the authority of the page

The loading speed of the web helps in the frequency of crawling of Google bots, in PageRank and consequently in SEO .

WP Minify: The plugin is free and its function is to combine and compress the JS and CSS files to improve the loading time of the page. Suitable for those who do not know programming and very useful for its great savings in loading time.

Wp Super cache: This is a free caching plugin compatible with most plugins and very easy to program.

Smush it: The function of this free plugin is to reduce the weight of the images without changing their size. it only reduces colors without affecting the way in which the image will look. Smush meticulously scans every image that you upload, or that you have already added to your site, cut out all unnecessary data and scale them before adding them to your media library.

Imsanity: This plugin is available for free . Its function is to resize all the images that are too large to avoid losing loading speed and improving the indexing of the site.

Head Cleaner: Free plugin . It helps to solve problems in the url of the page that can make it difficult to crawl Google and affect the Page Rank.

Broken Link Checker: This plugin you can get for free . It is responsible for tracking broken links on your website and allows you to modify these links without having to modify the post.

Plugins to improve linkbuilding

The linkbuilding is very important in SEO positioning and these plugins can be very helpful.

Zemanta: It helps a lot in the positioning of the site when linking contents and images related to your post. This increases the authority of the site by generating more referral traffic and links to your site.

Off Page SEO: This is a free plugin. Its function is to get and analyze backlinks to your page . Thanks to its database of web pages you can get authority links for free.

Undoubtedly all this information is gold dust. We hope you become the king or queen of the web with the help we have given you today.


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