Amazing pillow to sleep in musical lullaby

A pillow to sleep in musical lullaby

If a pillow can wake up in the morning, there is no reason why another cannot do the opposite; to sleep with a lullaby.

That will delight those who have insomnia and sleep rather light. Now, stop to go to sleep listening to your favorite ballads, headphones in ears. This musical pillow says hides a loudspeaker. For the sake of convenience, the speaker phone is thin enough that we do not feel the touch in a pillow made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It has a jack for connecting to your media players. Snoring sounds coming from the outside or the clock hands the music that the cushion covers the sounds of everyday life. All without disturbing the neighbors with a susceptible control sound volume.

This musical pillow is available from 30 €.


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