An easy and simple guide on how to write research paper

The very idea of writing a research paper, and submitting it on time, can suck all the energy of your mind and make you feel tired. This is a rather difficult task, even for the pros who wrote a number of research papers. Select the right topic, a topic that you have sufficient knowledge and for which you can get enough resources, is the first step to write the research paper easily. But even if you have the perfect subject, it is not easy to sit in front of a blank screen and immediately start writing a research paper.

how to write research paper

Writing your research paper will be much easier when you divide it into two parts, and if you do it methodically, step by step at a time.

The first and most important step is to choose the right subject. For example, if you are writing ruminating on rock music, you will need to refine your search to a particular aspect of rock music scratch on a specific band and concentrate on a single album or song.

The next step becomes more deeply into the subject: surfing the internet, read books on your topic (if you have the time and inclination), discuss the matter with your teacher or a guide, if necessary. More than likely, you will rely heavily on the Internet for information, and it is essential that you take the information on the net with a pinch of salt. Try to find relevant information on sites with .edu or .org extensions. These sites are organizational or educational sites and are more reliable than sites with .COM or .net extensions (which are company websites, for propaganda). These .com sites sometimes contain information in exaggeration form.

Once you’ve collected all the information you need, it is time to state your thesis or research paper (or even you can say simply essay). The thesis statement is a single line which expresses the idea or argument you intend to build through your research based on this thesis, to prepare a draft of your research. In short, decide on the opening remarks, the article body, and conclusion. This will give you a basis you can jump into the writing process. If you change your mind later, you can edit this diagram.

When finished with the outline, you can use all the information you gathered earlier. Analyze the information you have, and select the most reliable information and assemble to build your case. This is the most crucial aspect of the whole process of writing research paper: Read sources, assimilate ideas, to think about the subject and try to find insightful ideas.

Now that you have all the ingredients right in front of you, and you’re more than ready to start writing your first draft. It will help a lot if you have marked notes according to the diagram, if you have, everything you need to do is to keep specific notes on hand and write your way to grade A+! If you are in a real hurry, you will need to be satisfied with the first version, just make sure you read it twice to remove the most obvious errors. If you take the time to rewrite your project, you will be rewarded with new ideas, and you read the paper much better.


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