An Indiana boy is his own death ray

An Indiana boy is his own death ray

While most 19 year old boys interested in sport, education and secondarily to the girls of their age, the young Eric Jacqmain meanwhile is the type to make a death ray at home. The real reason is still unknown but what he has just completed deserves respect.

About the science in the process of mastering the technique of burning mirrors was just featured in some media . Hard to believe but currently, the technique is tested by a teenager. This young boy from Indiana has created a ray of the star’s death is equivalent to the combined power of 5000 suns combined, that is enough to melt metal. To make his toy, he took a satellite dish and then stuck to its 5800 mirrors concave surface. Each of its small mirrors are carefully oriented to a focal point of 1 cm in diameter. To have the necessary equipment, Eric has spent $ 90. Alas, his apparatus, he called R5800 caught fire because of his own power. The burner burned will say it.

Far from being discouraged, the teenager plans to recur this time with 32,000 mirrors a broader support. That is not very reassuring for the neighbors.


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