Android 9 Dark Mode: what is it for & how to install it

In 2020 we live in symbiosis with our smartphones. Such a small tool has become vital in some ways, while on the other hand excessive use creates an addiction that is difficult to eliminate.

The functions of cutting-edge phones are more and more and, by often using these devices, an increasingly large and less expensive battery is required : this goes hand in hand with processors, which are born more and more based on this type of savings without giving up for nothing in return. Together with the camera, a beautiful battery is part of a small circle of hardware parts that are most sought after in this last period; the manufacturers have noticed this, repairing and building new models that allow more and more autonomy.

Dark Mode helps save some battery, but it's not for everyone

In the race to save energy resources, Android ran to meet consumers and – to retain them in some way – decided to implement Dark Mode, starting from the ninth version of the operating system .

Dark Mode helps save some battery, but it’s not for everyone

It is simply a mode that can be activated from the settings, which transforms the menus and applications that allow it from white to black . This allows first of all less eye fatigue , especially at night and when you just wake up, as well as a small battery saving .

This second detail, however, is only reserved for smartphones that have Oled and Amoled displays: they in fact have total blacks and in fact allow greater autonomy with the Dark Mode active because the pixels are turned off.

This dark mode is not exclusive to smartphones with Oled / Amoled screens , but is also present in many cases in those that have an IPS LCD panel. There is no battery saver here, but the view is grateful nonetheless.

Once activated, it does not darken all the applications which, however, are gradually implementing the dark theme in an increasing number. With the advent of Android 10, even apps such as Gmail, Whatsapp and Facebook will give the possibility to opt for a change of look in this sense. If it is not available in the settings of your phone, you can download the Dark Mode app from the Google Play Store , which allows – even if only partially – to have the aforementioned benefits.


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