Multiple Android games available for free download

By now we all know that the games to download for free are not really free at all, after all, they can include a lot of internal purchases, limited lives, limited use and a lot of limitations that can disappear in exchange for a payment.

Most freemium games take advantage of users who are impatient and practically obsessed with a game, but of course, there are always alternatives to cheating or something like that, but that will not be discussed today in this note.

Android is by far the most widely used mobile operating system on the planet

Top Games for free download

Critical Ops: The first of the free to download games we recommend is Critical OPS, which is considered one of the new generations of first-person shooter. In this title, the player will fight against the terrorists in what will be a variety of urban levels or you can play as if you were a terrorist.

This game for android has a quite solid online multiplayer community. Despite all the positive things mentioned above, it is still a work in progress, so it is updated quite frequently. If we want a first person shooter which is completely free, Nova 3: Freedom Edition is also quite good. Both are free games for Android that are worth reviewing.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is perhaps the best Freemium game with Final Fantasy theme. The second of the applications to download free games on AndroidIt has a lot of elements that have been seen in the original games, including real explorations of the city and dungeons, hidden treasures, secret dungeons, etc.

The game is easy to learn to play, but you will have to think critically in order to beat bosses and tougher opponents. As a player you are often rewarded for signing up for daily missions and additional missions, it is these missions and activities that help keep the game fresh. If this title ends up liking us, you can also try Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy record Keeper, both are also good free games for Android.

Hearthstone: Warcraft Heroes: This is a card dueling game in which you must unlock cards, build decks and then face other players in duels using our cards.

There is a wide variety of alternatives to enhance our strategy and Blizzard has done a very good job with the periodic updates that have allowed him to add more cards and content. You can also log in to our account on the PC, something that we consider and analyze as a real nice touch.

In case you do not want to face real players in online matches in real time, you can always play locally to beat multiple bots, something that will be a very good practice. This title is free to play, which makes it easy and accessible for everyone when it comes to testing the game method it poses. This is undoubtedly one of the best free Android games.


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