80% Android users at risk of Hacking: Android security

According to newly released statements and reports emerged from Lookout, a company operating in the IT Security branch, all Android devices (without distinction between smartphones and tablets) inherit a known flaw that allows an attacker to take control of its devices . Currently in the studio a solution, but the data are alarming. According to surveys conducted, in fact, 80% of users are exposed to serious risk.


Android is the system that most everyone is exposed to risks from security flaws inherited from the Linux system. All smartphone and Google tablet are potentially exposed to a new vulnerability brought to our attention by Lookout, which has identified 1.4 billion of devices the ability to make themselves vulnerable.

The system, in fact, its internal structure based on a Linux kernel inherited from that connects the system with the hardware components. The latest versions of Android 4.4 Kitkat on, are subject to internal security flaw until the most recent release of the OS license plate Android Marshmallow .

Google responded by saying he was about ready to bridge the gap by acting promptly arisen following the release of the next firmware release of Android Nougat and its bug-fix for exposed systems. The bug allows an attacker to perform an attack MIMT (Man-in-the-Middle) using unencrypted internet traffic and spying so the actions of the victim. A condition that does not require a mass attack and therefore was classified as ‘moderate’ and not the critical level.

Either way it would be possible to potentially launch a targeted attack to a specific user. Google engineers, however, have taken action to ensure that the situation will soon find a way of resolution, which could arrive through patches and as an integral part of the new kernel Nougat. And what do you think of the Android security?


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