Animal dander: Notes for Pets Lovers

Cat, dog hair and other (domestic) animals are often the cause of allergy. However, not the hair itself is the troublemaker, but the skin cells and body secretions of the animal, which adhere to the hair or even floating alone through space.

Cat dander widespread

The most common allergies to cats, with their extensive personal care they are wet almost every hair with saliva. Allergy occurs when affected by inhalation of such particles on immediate reactions, such as nasal congestion, eye inflammation, but also urticaria by direct skin contact. Often animal allergies can cause bronchitis and asthma if left untreated.

What to do with animal allergies?

The most effective way to avoid the symptoms is as hard as it may sound the dispensing of pets. At least they should have issued strict prohibition should not be allowed bedroom and to wallow on the couch. It should also be washed after contact with animals, the clothing worn and remove all materials and substances of the hair. It is also possible that a down comforter trigger allergic reactions, this one should then also use special allergy bedding. Even in zoos and circuses, the pet hair allergies have problems.


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