Anonymous attack on Stratfor: details sensitive data leaked

After the successful hacker attack from the anonymous environment of Stratfor, extensive data are leaked to the public. According to a summary of the New York security specialists Identity Finder Anonymous and AntiSec have 50 277 credit card numbers, 86 594 e-mail addresses, 25 537 telephone numbers and 44 188 encrypted passwords are published, of which some 50 percent were easy to decipher. The previously published data apparently come from the first half of Stratfor subscriber list, so that is expected in the coming days with further publications. At the same time still stands from the publication of 2.7 million e-mails, is allegedly in possession AntiSec. According to the hackers they should prove that the Stratfor “harmless Company” is, as it presents itself.


After the successful hacker attack from the anonymous environment of Stratfor, extensive data are leaked to the public

The website of Strategic Forecasting Inc. – known as Stratfor – is still not reached again. The company is described either as a think tank or “shadow CIA.” It provides its customers with geopolitical analysis and future projections. Its clients include the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, the Miami police, the defense contractor Lockheed Martin, but also supposedly German bank and German Telekom.


Stratfor communicates currently on its Facebook page and seems to try to downplay its problems: “The unveiling affected only a list of some members who have purchased our publications, and does not represent a list of individuals or organizations for subscriptions to publications stand out in a relationship with Stratfor.”


Stratfor advises its members even depends, speak up and support the company: “We have become aware that our members who express their support for us on Facebook, have been attacked for potentially and run the risk that their sensitive information are published repeatedly on other websites. We therefore recommend that you protect yourself with security measures, if you express themselves on Facebook, or compromise.”


There are different reports on the use of credit card data, for allegedly wanted to use the anonymous donation of one million dollars to charitable organizations. Although during the holidays some receipts of donations have been published, which should be done with these credit cards. From the New York Times interviewed charities could not make it clear findings, this time of year anyway because they have a significantly increased amount of donations. According to Barrett Brown, who is regarded as a spokesman for Anonymous, those donations were not the target of the action.


Is also unclear who is responsible for the attack on Stratfor. A disclaimer said that there had never been an anonymous action. Another said the denial turn to a targeted misinformation. The action of group LulzSec and AntiSec were assumed to participate in the event.


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