Another three years without new console from Microsoft and Sony?

Two of the leading companies in the gaming industry, Microsoft and Sony would not consider marketing their next generation console before 2014. That leaves the field open for two years at Nintendo, which will launch its Wii console 2 high definition next year.

Microsoft and Sony would not consider marketing their next generation console before 2014

“Both manufacturers will not come out of new consoles by 2014 or even 2013 if one of them feels forced,” says sources close to the matter cited by the site Kotaku a few weeks prior to the E3. In the meantime, Microsoft and Sony will have to go with the popularity of accessories dedicated to their respective console Xbox 360 (KINECTS) and PS3 (Move).

This lack of new consoles on the market will be profitable for Nintendo, whose Wii console has no motion sensor. To play a game on this console, users must hold a Wiimote in their hand as in the case of PS Move, and unlike the case of KINECTS.

According to the latest rumors, the next generation of Wii is as powerful if not more than the Xbox 360 currently proposed by Microsoft. It will likely be presented at the show in 2011 E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), taking place in Los Angeles from June 7 to 9

The Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 from Microsoft are expected in 2014, which should give them ample time to return their current console and accessories. To recap, Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 in 2005 and Sony, the PS3, in 2006, the same year as the Nintendo Wii.


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