Anti aging anti wrinkle creams for eternal youth

In an effort to curb the effects of aging on the skin, cosmetics dreams of eternal youth and played all their wealth to two letters: the vitamins and enzymes art. Among them, shine with their own light retinol and coenzyme Q10, two substances that address the causes of aging and cell degeneration.

Anti aging anti wrinkle creams for eternal youth

In recent years, the cosmetic vitaminized has imposed on the cross who walk wrinkle immersed in laboratories around the world. Its ability to stop and repair the havoc caused by sun or pollution on collagen cells attest to its effectiveness.

Initially, creams containing vitamin derivatives was impossible to have them in pure because immediately volatilized from contact with air prior to deepen the epidermis. But right now, multinationals have managed to stabilize and beauty, as well as find ways of penetration by reaching the skin intact.

The miracle Retinol

Retinol or vitamin A acid is vitamin wrinkle is quintessential. It not only stimulates cell activity, but also attenuates wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. Its history dates back to the 30s, when Professor Kligman U.S. discovers the rejuvenating power of this vitamin, although not without side effects (irritation, allergies …).

Cosmetologists worked with compounds derived from vitamin miraculous until the laboratory includes in its formula retinaldehyde, a derivative that is converted to vitamin A acid according to the needs of the skin. Finally, in 1995 the brand Roc get stabilize in its purest form without any side effect.

Other vitamins wrinkle

Another series of vitamins display their rejuvenating qualities of preparations to launch the market’s most prestigious firms. The vitamin C is vital for pure radiance back to dull skins. Furthermore, long term stimulates collagen production and reduces stains.

Present in most cosmetics, pure vitamin E acts as a shield against external aggression, especially against air, light and pollution. In turn, synthesizes vitamin H pure fatty acids and remains in equilibrium with the hydrolipidic barrier that protects the skin from the outside. What’s more, this vitamin strengthens the skin and gives it added strength.

The power of enzymes

Skin is a living fabric that acts as a biological processing plant. Cosmetology is not only trying obtain from its shortcomings, but the manufacture teaches what you need and to address the attacks by inhibiting the enzymes that cause havoc on it. Here are ways to face planting plasmin, an enzyme enemy of dry skin, stimulate catalase, which attacks free radicals or inhibit elastase and collagenase, both very combative with collagen and elastin fibers.
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The coenzyme Q-10 is the latest in creams. It is a natural cutaneous is present in all living cells. Its mission is to promote energy production of these (95% of the energy body is due to his intercession). Furthermore, it protects the skin from free radicals and slows stimulates regeneration aging. Over the years, this reduces the amount of coenzyme naturally stored in the cells and the skin loses its power to repair wrinkles. Its powers are so many that even ingested as a dietary supplement.


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