Apogee laser hair removal in only 3 short sessions

The Apogee laser is one that offers better results in regards to permanent hair removal, is highly effective for hair removal from legs and underarms. Moreover, the versatility of long pulse allows to safely treat darker skin without causing burns while the laser penetrates more.

The Apogee laser is an alexandrite laser also to ensure effective hair removal for all skin types, it is powerful, fast and effective without causing damage to the dermis.

Another benefit to note is that the Apogee laser is chosen to treat the man’s back as he has shown better results in the removal of this unwanted hair.

It is indicated for waxing large areas for its extreme speed, serving for skin phototype I, II, III and IV, whether they have hair of medium and large caliber. It has a capacity to regulate pulse duration which allows adapting the parameters of action depending on the thickness of hair and color of the skin. His pulse length makes it suitable for the treatment of dark skin and hair deep as in the case of men.

Finally it is interesting that the laser pulse Alexandrite Apogee long only needed 3 to 6 sessions to remove virtually all the hair, which obviously depends on the characteristics of people, but usually in the armpits can be removed almost all , legs 92%, bikini area, 93%, while in the back and face hair removal is less, about 89% and 82% is removed respectively because they are the most complicated.


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