Apple Developed Latest Models TV

According to some sources say around the world, the famous and popular technology company, Apple would be in full development of a new product, that would be launched in March next year. Apparently, it would be three new and latest models televisions developed in high definition form. While nothing is official, the data is going around the sites and not be a surprise that way.

Apple Developed Latest Models TV

One model that stands out would be the latter developed high-definition also has 42 inches. Apparently, this model would have only one cable would be the main and only responsible for making the transmission of sound, image and other data to be run there.

But that is all that is said about these new devices, it seems, Apple develop these products with a thickness of about 20 centimeters, which if compared with competitors, would be larger, but apparently it is said that quality would differ in sound, because it would need more space to accommodate up to even 16 speakers.

According to a website dedicated to the technology, the processor would be used for them is that of PA Semi, one of the latest acquisitions the company made Apple this year. As expected, these high-definition televisions, would sync with iTunes and would have incorporated Internet. The pricing of the most sophisticated and highest quality would be about five thousand dollars or so.


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