Apple Diet: The apple detoxifies the body

The apple diet is very harmful in the long term for the body because the diet of apples, tea and water is too one-sided. Detoxifying apple days however, are very useful.

Everyone knows the health tip “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  And it’s true. Many important vitamins and trace elements such as calcium and iron are contained in the fruit. It is also very low in calories, a plump red-yellow russet, for example, has just 65 calories. But can an apple diet cause rapid and sustained weight loss?

Apple Diet - The apple detoxifies the body

Apples should be part of any balanced diet is a diet based exclusively on apples and anything but healthy. Like the pineapple diet, the apple-based foods can not be recommended. Because this diet is one-sided and can cause prolonged use dangerous deficiency. Especially of protein deficiency is a health threat to the organism, doctors and nutritionists advise against this diet.

Instead of several weeks to eat only apples, it is advisable to include detoxifying apple days in dietary behavior. The potassium contained in apples provides a gentle drainage of the whole organism. Adequate fluid intake also supports the detoxification process. Satisfies an apple as a snack cravings and in modified form can also be enjoyed as a soup apple or apple compote.


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