Apple records the biggest sales decline since 2016: a cheap iPhone is needed

both Samsung and Apple in fact seek above all to attract users who already have an iPhone (or an Android phone) to be replaced

Apple is experiencing its biggest sales decline of the iPhone in the last three years: this is what emerges from the new data presented by Gartner according to which, with its line of smartphones, Apple would have returned to the same numbers in 2016. The slowdown in sales is actually common to many but among the five major smartphone manufacturers, Apple is the one that does worse, allowing Samsung to maintain the title of “the world’s largest smartphone company”.

If on the one hand there is an evident weakening of the demand, on the other hand some Chinese brands such as Huawei and Oppo continue to increase their smartphone sales in emerging markets such as China, India and Latin America, especially in the last months of 2018 .

In numbers, during the fourth quarter Apple sold 64 million iPhones (last year they were 73 million) for a market share of 16% (last year it was 18%). Samsung instead fell from 18% to 17%, while Huawei sold 60 million smartphones (last year it had sold 44 million) for a market share of 11%.

Apple in the biggest sales decline since 2016

As we said this is the worst performance of Apple from the first quarter of 2016, which at that time milled the same numbers today. According to Gartner, part of the reason that would have lost a market share to the company of Cupertino reside in the absence of a low-cost iPhone in the Apple offer, which instead focuses on the current owners of iPhone considering them – at this point wrongly – willing to update their devices with a greater frequency than the real one.

In fact, both Samsung and Apple in fact seek above all to attract users who already have an iPhone (or an Android phone) to be replaced and who may therefore want to change the flag, while competitors are betting everything on emerging markets, where a much wider range stands out. of medium-low-end smartphones.

Apple has tried to create an “economic” iPhone (the quotes are a must) twice, the first, with little success, through iPhone 5c and the second with iPhone SE, which instead convinced all the users who wanted the ecosystem iOS inside a phone among the most pocketable and easy to handle.

According to the source it is unlikely that Apple will soon release an iPhone of this type just to satisfy budget-conscious consumers while it is increasingly clear that, if sales will gradually decrease, revenues will always remain high thanks to the increase in iPhone prices, that rises more each year «If they started producing cheap iPhones they would lower the value of the whole line, while now they live in a “premium range”.

However – they continue – keeping detached from this market may not be a good idea as Apple would be losing a whole band of users who are experiencing the smartphone era (which are not iPhone).

Huawei has managed to balance both, attracting the most affluent consumers with the P series and at the same time proposing economic solutions with the Honor line for those less willing to invest large sums for the purchase of a smartphone «He worked hard in the last three or four years to increase the visibility of the brand and the results are beginning to see.


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